Saturday, November 19, 2016

Hangin' in There . . . .

It's becoming increasingly difficult of late to find beauty among the dark and dreary ugliness, but it's there, sometimes looking a bit tattered.  There's a sense of hanging on around these parts this November.  

I still have yellow roses blooming in my garden, and my pansies in both the garden and along the deck are doing their best in spite of pounding rain and cold air. 

Many of the prominent aspects of our landscape stand naked (probably not afraid) with their summer apparel strewn in soppy layers at their base. 

Yet some eye-catching products of nature cling to the vine maybe with a hope that if they hold on strong enough, they'll make it to maturity before being blown away in the wind or thumped to the surface by snow or rain. 

It's that time of year, and, in this year, more notable than ever to find these hangers on, who stand courageously against the negative forces within their realm. 

A bit of a metaphor, I'd say. 

Anywho, I'll keep looking for these natural anomalies to most Novembers when usually we've already plowed snow a time or two. And, when I find them, my camera will go to work. 

It's a fun challenge, and this year more important than ever.  

In one case----that's the stream flowing through a clump of naked, youthful aspen---I explored a new dirt road I'd never traveled.  

In this case, either side of Gold Creek Ridge Road, 'cept for a few homes along the way, was pretty dark and somber and wet yesterday, but this stream flowing through a season's worth of dying growth really took my eye.

I like new roads.  It's been neat this week traveling down three brand new routes, and I intend do my best to keep up the habit cuz the experience certainly brightens up the perspective while providing a pleasant escape from the matters of the world. 

Same is true with those amazing ZAGS.  We're so lucky to have them, just like those clinging flower buds.  They brighten the dreary days.  What a  bright season it appears to be!  Yay, ZAGS!

Enjoy the photos.  Happy Saturday. 

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Connie Kimble said...

Your "muttering a" echo mine. So much sorrow at having to let go of the beauty that summer and early fall brought. And now we enter the cold dead season. What will survive and what will die never to return. This bleak thought sends shivers of mixed fear and rage through me. Spring is our hope. May nature prune wisely. God Bless you!