Friday, November 18, 2016

This, That and Ruby

It's official.  Turtleneck season is upon us.  This morning's selection:  a gray turtleneck to go with a red polo shirt and a black Gonzaga long-sleeved T-shirt.

After all, the Bulldogs are playing the Bulldogs tonight at McArthey Athletic Complex in Spokane.

I happen to know a very excited family from Sandpoint who probably can't wait for this day to get over so they can attend their first men's game in the Kennel. That would be Willie's sidekick, head Lady Bulldogs Woody Ward and his family. 

The Wards in for a treat, to say the least. 

Meanwhile, Bill and I are looking forward to heading over to my sisters' house this evening where taco salads and other caloric goodies will be featured as we watch Gonzaga take on Bryant University from Providence, Rhode Island.

Bryant has been around for a long time----since 1863.  They're a business-oriented school, and, like Gonzaga, their athletic teams are called Bulldogs. 

So, it should be a snarling good time in The Kennel. 

Overnight, we received a heavy frost.  I welcome the change because the ground will harden, which means Liam won't be able to dig holes in the dog run so easily AND maybe doggies won't need daily bathing. 

Cold, crisp, dry mornings rank among my favorites on the weather possibilities.  There's a bounce to each step and eventually if the cold hangs on and the snow stays away, we can step pretty much anywhere we wish.  

Speaking of taking steps, I'm introducing you this morning to a blog where a young lady has taken some rather giant steps for a 19-year-old.  

How about taking off all by oneself to Nepal and trekking to the Mt. Everest base camp!  

In my mind, that's pretty courageous for someone Ruby's age, and, happily, she's taking folks along as she does it.  

This brave young soul and recent high school graduate who grew up in Upper Pack River has written some amazingly insightful thoughts while posting occasionally on her blog. 

From what I've read in her writings, she has stared at the total unknown eye to eye and said, "Bring it on."  

I have known Ruby for some time, thanks to a friendship with her mother Nancy who served as our local 4-H extension planner for a number of years.  Nancy and Ruby are both horse lovers and avid trail riders.

One day, while riding at their property, Ruby, Nancy and my sisters watched my one and only unplanned descent to the ground from Lily's back.  

She did not like going down the wet, dark, somewhat steep trail, and, in her anxiety, unloaded me---just like that.  I landed hard with my left arm resting on a log but fortunately paid only in ugly bruises. I'm sure the sight was quite entertaining for the rest of group.    

Anyway, a young teen, Ruby seemed a bit shy, but later, when I'd see her occasionally during her high school years, I was totally impressed with her poise and her engaging personality. 

I could also sense that she was a young woman who would go places.  Well, she hasn't wasted any of her precious time in doing so.  So, check out her blog called "Learning As I Grow" at

Considering that she's only 19, I have a feeling we'll be hearing about Ruby Courser in the future, and more than likely, it will be both impressive and positive. 

So, in hopes that readers take some time to check out the adventures of Ruby, I'll sign off and wish everyone a happy Friday. 



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