Sunday, December 04, 2016

Of Burgers, Buns, Balls and Bird Houses

My sister Laurie did not want me to take a picture of her trying to bite into this sandwich. I don't know why I complied with her wishes.  Bet it would have been a good one.

This will have to do, though, as a representative of one part of a busy and beautiful Saturday.  

We were blessed with sun---in preparation, of course, for even more rain.  During most of the morning, the ground was covered with a thin coat of snow.  

Combine the sun with that snow, and a playful, happy attitude emerges. 

Both horses and doggies spent a part of their morning dashing through the snow.  In the case of dogs, even I dashed behind them for a while.  Morning play time in the field also serves as my exercise time.

Using my good friend Fitbit, I usually set a goal of walking and playing with dogs for about half an hour. Yesterday's outdoor exercise routine was especially fun and invigorating.

I also spent a little time walking around admiring the brilliant colors of yard accessories enhanced by the morning sun. 

Then, it was back to the house to bake a batch of hamburger buns.  Bill said good bye and headed into Spokane with Costco and Cabela's runs preceding the blow-out he watched at McArthey Athletic Complex between the Lady ZAGS and Presbyterian College Blue Hose (moniker which evolved from the original Presbyterian Blue Stockings). 

I'm thinking that Bill bypassed watching the big ZAGS-Arizona Eat Fest here at the Lovestead simply because of the Presbyterian aspect to the match-up.  He IS a good Presbyterian, after all. 

Anyway, my buns turned out big and tasty, and it seemed later, that the guests all liked stuffing them with Wood's burgers, homegrown Walla Walla sweet onions and all the rest of their preferred condiments. 

To say we were delighted by the game and its outcome would be an understatement. Many, many "YES's" erupted in between stretching our teeth over burger bites and occasional visiting. 

When the Laumatia's showed up from Jacob's basketball game in Clark Fork, he informed us that maybe his team might need a little more practice.  We were happy to avoid asking for the score. 

Twas a fun day from start to finish, and my cell phone says the rain/snow mix is supposed to stop around 9 a.m.  By tomorrow, temperatures will dip into the teens and eventually single digits.  

I won't mind that cold, crisp, dry weather one bit, and I have a feeling my horses will be quite happy to get a break from slogging around in the water and mud.   We've had enough. 

Happy Sunday to all.  GO, SEAHAWKS!  And, can't wait to see where No. 8 Gonzaga ends up in the NCAA rankings this week after two phenomenal victories.  Nice!

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