Monday, December 05, 2016

Off-Shore Bird Watch . . . .

Thanks to my longtime friend, Sue Haynes, I just realized that today is "Happy Anniversary Day" for "Slight Detour.  

Twelve years of posting almost every day.  A little crazy! As I wrote to Sue, that's a lot of "blah, blah, blah" on a "blob," as they used to call it back in those days. 

It's been a fun run and continues to be.  Thanks to all who tune in and especially to those who've tuned in since the very beginning.  I appreciate your support of this daily enterprise.  Now on to the post launching year No. 13 . . . .

Word on the street and on Facebook is that record numbers of eagles are hanging out around the Bayview/Farragut area.

After a trip down that way yesterday afternoon, we concur.  And, I wish I had a bigger lens for my camera.

Hard to catch good shots of those birds when they're soaring through the air looking downward toward the cold waters of Lake Pend Oreille. 

When they're a little closer, it's not so hard, but they've got "eagle eyes," and they often fly off the second they sense one's presence.

Not so with their competitors, the seagulls.  They'll hang out, allowing a good photo or two or they'll just all take off at the same time, providing another good photo or two.

The shoreline along Buttonhook Bay is lined with piles of dead Kokanee (land-locked Salmon living in fresh water) which have washed up after spawning.

So, the shoreline offers a feast of abundance for the birds as well as a distinct fishy order for sensitive human noses. 

Fortunately, a cool and rather strong breeze dulled the odor while challenging birds above us to maintain their chosen flight patterns.  

We took Liam with us so he could have another opportunity to walk as a solo dog.  He's a trooper, very well-behaved, and I'm thinking Bill rather enjoyed the experience, especially with the easy-walk collar.  

In the meantime, while carefully maneuvering my way over the rocky beach,  I tried to capture a few nice shots, all the time wishing for a little better lighting for capturing true essence of one of the most beautiful and pristine settings in our area. 

Though the place attracts thousands of people every year, it remains clean, uncluttered and peaceful, especially when on this day, Bill, Liam and I never saw another human during out 45-minute visit. 

On our way back, the squall, loaded with piercing hail on our way down to Farragut, had blown off to drop some more of its load in some other area.

The sky was amazingly beautiful with big, billowy gray clouds accented with shade of pink from the setting sun. 

We enjoyed our quick trip to Farragut and later enjoyed the convincing victory by the Seahawks.  It was, indeed, a good day for birds yesterday and their spectators yesterday. 

And, today we begin the big chill which is supposed to last the week here in North Idaho. Along with it comes clear skies, dry ground and crisp winter air.  Love that combination. 

Happy Monday.  


Looking west across the Lake Pend Oreille Long Bridge

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