Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Snow Fun

I stood silently at the end of the lane and marveled at the glory of this winter morning.  

A slight wind was blowing. My views across pure white and clean fields, skirted with neat rows of snow-white trees, featured the soft, cold blue hue of dawn before the light of day. 

Hearing a jet overhead, I paused from gazing at the hay field, turned my face upward toward a starlit sky and saw the plane's lights blinking as it moved east toward the rising sun.

This is just about as perfect as it could ever be, I thought.  What a moment!

How fortunate we are to have this spot where we can enjoy the wonders of nature at any hour of the day during any season of the year. 

Definitely a "pinch yourself" moment after finishing the morning chores. 

This was the same area where yesterday I must have walked the lane a dozen times, first to shovel open a path from the previous night's snowfall, later to catch some of the lovely images created by a brief afternoon drop of millions of white fluffy flakes. 

Several of my trips involved the pack of beloved pups pictured below.  

On one trip when Liam had accompanied me solo, we did lose a chuck-it ball somewhere in the deep snow along the lane, but Border Collie eyes kept a close watch on during the second and third trips to the playground.

And, they all had the dashing, good time dogs should have when all is perfect and pretty in their playground. 

This holiday season has been just about one of the best ever when it comes to the gifts of Mother Nature.  Looks like more to come as the daylight has arrived here at the Lovestead, and that jet from earlier may have arrived in its destination.

It's definitely an "all is calm, all is bright" kind of time, and we're loving it---dogs, horses and people.   

As for, Festus, the fat cat, he has not commented. 

Happy Wednesday.   

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