Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Winter, Winter Everywhere

The snowblower is earning its keep this year.  Bill fired it up about 5:15 and started this morning's clean-out after a night of fluffy snowfall.  

Later, I joined him outside and spent a little time shoveling in front of the barn door and opening the pathway through the gate and leading to the center of the barnyard where the horses eat their breakfast. 

So, we're back inside now, with horses fed and a tidy network of walking areas branching off from a cleaned-out driveway.  The lane to where the wood is stacked and where the pups play still needs some shoveling, but it's not bad.

If the snow comes like this during the winter, we probably won't complain too much.  It brings with it some work, but this year's drops have made up for that work in the sheer beauty they leave.

Yesterday's day after Christmas brought forth a potpourri of pursuits for family members. 

Annie, her Uncle Jim and her friend Kelsi headed to Schweitzer for a day of snowboarding. I'm told to expect to hear about sore bodies today after yesterday's boarding break-in for the trio. 

They had a great time, sticking together because of their collective unfamiliarity with the large network of runs with different levels of difficulty available these days up on the mountain.    

Meanwhile, back at the Lovestead, when Bill headed to town for a few hours of work, I seized upon the silence to look over my new camera equipment and to spend some time reading a new book about shepherding in the north of England.  I also gave myself permission to go for a walk withOUT doggies.

Solitude and the availabilty of choices are both welcome and cherished perks after the lead up to and the actual Christmas holiday.  So, I took full advantage of both yesterday. 

One such choice involved bringing Miss Lily into the barn during the afternoon for a groom and a clip.  She seemed to really enjoy the attention.  Lily is now just over three months away from becoming a mama, so she certainly deserves some extra tender loving care. 

Twas steak for dinner here at the Lovestead last night.  I'd promised Annie that in the morning, so when she arrived home, the steaks went on while leftover mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes along with garlic bread got a warm-up. 

We all enjoyed every juicy bite of those Costco tri-tips.  

As often happens in days after Christmas, laziness, a TV movie and a lot of nodding off combine for some super exciting after-dinner action in the living room.  We'll probably have a few more of those nights before Annie heads off to Seattle on Friday. 

Family bonding at its best. 

Meanwhile, Willie is in Spokane over the next couple of days for a girls' basketball tournament, and Debbie and the grandpups are still with her family in Boise. 

That, however, doesn't stop Debbie's photo from appearing on this morning's Daily Bee front page above the fold.  She's quoted several times in a Dave Gunter feature about the Bonner Community Food Bank where she works as director.  

Yay, Debbie, we are proud of you!  If ya want to read more and see her photo with a Food Bank volunteer, you can click on the link below.


Yup, winter has come on strong, but so far it's pretty and so far not a whole lot of extra work.  So, we're happy in our little Lovestead nest. 

Happy Tuesday. 

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