Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Afternoon Walk at Dover Bay

As we bid good bye to January, I would also say that our wonderful community could use a good wash down.  It ain't purty or even all that much fun out there with packed-down snow transforming into leg-breaking ice alongwith plowed snowbanks along virtually every roadway crusted with dirt, rocks and sand.

Around our place, dozens of log decks abound on most walking areas or atop the snow banks----dog logs that is.  With walking areas turning slicker with every pass through, one must choose steps wisely and cautiously.  

Slipping, sliding and landing on the ground next to or on a pile of Kiwi or Foster's frozen logs could definitely add insult to injury.  No worries about Liam's deposits, as he takes a more civilized route for No. 2 and leaves his deposits off trail.  

None of the three is too discriminatory, however, about where to leave their yellow splats on the snow, 'cept maybe where one of their buddies has already watered it first. 

All that said, yesterday I wanted to go for an afternoon walk where I could see clean snow, pretty scenes and stay upright.

My quest turned out to be fairly successful.  I did remain upright, but even at Dover Bay Resort, ice on the trails keeps pretty much everyone on their toes.  

Heck, I even saw a Canadian goose slip and slide on the Pend Oreille River shoreline ice. 

I enjoyed the hour or so at Dover Bay.  It's a lovely place, especially for being outside, pretty much any time of the year. 

Vistas of the river, a full view of good ol' Baldy Mountain, one of our local icons; and the abundance of natural surroundings for an impressive housing development have made the place a magnet for folks buying homes and for locals who want to get out and about with their canine friends.

I even met a couple of new dog friends yesterday while planning my steps along the trail which heads west from the Dover City Hall. 

Turns out, as we got closer to each other, I knew Chevy's owner, Tiffany.  

Chevy is 4, and he's good with sticks.  Except for his coloring and three-breed characteristics (German Shepherd, Australian Shepherd and Red Heeler), Chevy has a personality that would fit comfortably with my trio of stick and ball lovers. 

While Tiffany and I talked dogs, we met another imposing figure called Megatron.  I was quite proud when his owners told me I had guessed right when asking if he was a Bulldog, Pitbull cross.  After Megatron and Chevy spent a little time sniffing noses, their owners and they went on their way. 

I assumed my "old, crotchety woman" walk along the ice for a while longer and marveled at another couple with their dog who came jogging past on the ice. Brave souls!

Even though the sun itself wasn't shining too actively, the Dover Bay suns all around the resort tend to help liven up a blah day. 

On my drive home, it seemed that the snowbanks along the road had become even dirtier, and when I took my own dogs out in the field of logs, yellow stains and slicker-than-snot snow, I resolved that the earth sure could use a bath. 

Maybe we'll get it today.  

In the meantime, even while maneuvering over polished ice, I could feel an extra touch of energy to my steps every time thoughts of yesterday's news passed through my mind.  No, nothing to do with Donald Trump.  

The euphoria in the ZAGS nation of knowing officially that the Bullodgs are, indeed, No. 1 in the nation, trumps all other concerns, at least temporarily. 

It's a great time to be a ZAG lover, just as it was in 2013 when Bill and I watched the ZAGS just before they attained their first-ever No. 1 status. 

We saw them win in the massive Marriott Center in Provo, Utah, where they played BYU. Bill and I had true nosebleed seats---four rows from the top of the facility which holds 22,000 fans. I think maybe 100 ZAGS fans were there that night. 

I'll never forget how truly gracious everyone was to us in our ZAGS garb when our team won.  Twas the ultimate in sportsmanship, to say the least. 

Also, since the ZAGS were not exactly considered royalty in that venue, we were able to hobnob with them before and after the game.  Bill and I stayed late so I could ask for autographs, scrawled on pieces of paper from a pad I carried with me. 

Soon after that game, the team rose to No. 1, so I put my autographs together in my usual funky way.  

I doubt that opportunity will ever present itself again, but I sure do hope the ZAGS do a repeat performance of the win in the Marriott Center when they play BYU this Thursday. 

For now, all in ZAGland all around the world are reveling in the excitement of what this truly remarkable team and their coaches have managed to do. They ARE for real. 


And, one more thing.  Tonight we're headed to Bonners Ferry with my brother whose grandchildren (two of the three triplets) will be playing basketball for the Coeur d'Alene Charter School.  

So, I'll leave you today with wishes for a happy Tuesday and GO, JUSTINE!  GO, JACOB! 


2013 No. 1 ranked ZAGS

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