Monday, January 30, 2017

Monday Miscellaneous Facts

Twas a lovely sunset yesterday afternoon. 

I guess we're in the process of weaning ourselves.  The season of multiple sports events to watch on Sunday afternoons is quickly winding down.  Of course, spring is on the way, and the importances of indoor TV entertainment, unless we want to watch infomercials, will fade. 

No NFL yesterday.  Most of the key NCAA games were played Saturday. Time to turn the channel, and, yes, we did end up watching the nationwide airport activity and the second weekend of concerned citizens going to the streets to make a passionate statement across the nation. 

I learned this morning on Twitter, that what a lot of us thought we were watching was not really what we were watching.  Instead, we were watching the results of a great big honkin' computer glitch.  

Basis for this fact came out in the "official" tweeting news this morning by the guy who uses the world's largest signature on his executive directives:  

3 hours ago
Only 109 people out of 325,000 were detained and held for questioning. Big problems at airports were caused by Delta computer outage,.....

So, I guess a whole lot of naive Americans just wasted a good Sunday when they could have been home sitting on their couches, snacking and watching infomercials about new machines (not blenders) which are gonna make them skinny without having to take to the streets to go protest something.  

I'll have to talk to my daughter about that.  Heck, instead of spending time yesterday standing up for what she and a whole lot of other Americans deeply believe about this country of immigrants,  she could have been communing with nature,  finding more geocaches. 

Yesterday afternoon she wore what she now calls her "protest pack" while joining others at a large gathering in Seattle. 

" . . . I realized it's perfect for protesting," she wrote in a Facebook post last night.  "It's light weight and small but still carries essentials like wallet, umbrella, etc.... along with a first aid kit and bottles of water in case some bad seeds turn a peaceful protest into something else and someone needs some minor medical help. 

"I don't like that my day hike pack is now known as my "protesting pack," she added. "Please let this nightmare in our country be over soon and I can put that pack back to its intended use."

Annie, can ya hear me now?  Calm down! It was just Delta Airlines causing all that commotion!

That we have come to this atmosphere in our country is both sad and disheartening.  

I have numerous friends----smart, well-adjusted, sensible, contributing and productive citizens---ions away from what one would call extremists----who are suffering from an angst unlike anything they have ever experienced.  I feel their emotional pain. 

And, then there are those in leadership whom I've never met.  They are apparently feeling the same.  

Even the U.S. Catholic hierarchy, including the former Bishop of the Spokane Diocese, have expressed grave concerns about what we witnessed over the weekend. 
18 hours ago
This weekend proved to be a dark moment in U.S. history. 

Well, Cardinal, just wait 'til Delta gets those computers fixed.  It'll be all right. 

That's what the President implied, and once we get in the habit of calming down and just waiting to hear those "alternative facts, everything will be okay. 

In the meantime, I'm still wondering why George Orwell's dark, disturbing and prophetic novel 1984 rocketed to the top of sales chart this past week.  I also noticed that his shorter, easier-to-read but equally profound Animal Farm did the same. 

I taught both of those novels over my years in PUBLIC education, but never once in either did I see a mention of an airline computer glitch causing all sane, well adjusted people to go bananas. 

Maybe someone needs to write a new novel so that alternative factoid can be inserted. 

Finally, as a former English teacher who spent a lot of time in my classes---like so many others of my ilk----teaching young people to think critically for themselves, I am very proud this morning to note that one of those students wrote an Op-Ed for the Philadelphia Inquirer yesterday.

I've on past occasions mentioned Luke Mayville, a 2003 Sandpoint High School graduate, because his first book John Adams and the Fear of American Oligarchy was released late last year.  

Luke has yet to break the first-place spot on Amazon, but I think it's pretty neat that the timely focus of his book is getting him some imPRESSive press opportunities. 

Here's the link to his Op-Ed.  It's an interesting read: 

Big question for today, speaking of No. 1's.  Will the ZAGS get the nod as No. 1 team on the AP NCAA men's poll?  Guess we'll know by noon.  GO, ZAGS!!!

Happy Monday. 

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Anonymous said...

amen, Marianne, amen and amen. if ever there was time to pray, i'm thinking now is one of those times - and BIG time!

Frightened so much I'm even afraid to attach my name to this one!