Sunday, January 29, 2017

'Dogs Win, Win, Win, and Win

Twas a good weekend for area Bulldog fans:  Sandpoint's Bulldogs and Gonzaga's.  I just read the paper and learned that both boys and girls Bulldog teams from Sandpoint won their games last night.  

And, of course, everyone in ZAGland knows this morning that both Gonzaga Bulldog teams snatched victories yesterday. 

Bill attended the Lady Bulldogs game in Spokane, while I sat in the bleachers for the hometown Lady Bulldogs.  

It was senior night in Sandpoint, so the seniors and their parents walked to the floor before the game to be acknowledged and for seniors to acknowledge the folks who have supported them. 

It's been a tough past few weeks for the SHS girls team with injuries, but that has meant opportunity for some younger players who have stepped up to the varsity.  In fact, one freshman nailed two 3-pointers last night and demonstrated a true "dogged" spirit throughout her minutes of play. 

As soon as the girls game ended, I headed for Colburn for the ZAGS-Pepperdine game.  Bill arrived around the same time after coming home from the Spokane Lady ZAGS convincing victory, which included free taco certificates, thanks to a wealth of 3-pointers by Lady ZAGS shooters. 

He also brought me a pink ZAGS t-shirt which honors breast cancer awareness. 

With a counter filled with snacks, we loaded up, sat back, watched and thoroughly enjoyed our team play with determination, finesse and some moments of magic, with nearly a 50-point spread (96-49) at the final buzzer. 

The best part about the ZAGS this year, according to our mutual observations, is that they hardly skip a beat when the reserves take to the floor during the final minutes of the games. 

Shooting, team play and great defense continue. Plus, it's neat to see the bench players have their moments to shine. 

The only downside of my sports watching day yesterday came during the Pegasus race where California Chrome was among the favorites in his last ever race.  Well, it seemed the Chrome had gotten the word that he was gonna go to pasture and meet the mares, so his thoughts about that last big win must have strayed.  

As the commentators said, however, he is already a legend.  Plus, he's one of the more beautiful big names in horse racing history. 

Great day for sports, especially for Bulldogs, and we family members did our part as spectators and even some coaching.  

Happy Sunday. 

It's a timeout, and Coach Ward has a few words for his Lady Bulldogs who won handily last night while playing St. Maries. 

Taylor Ward, middle, receives a hug from teammate Grace Kirscher.  Taylor, who is Coach Duane Ward's granddaughter, was honored on senior night. 

Exchange student Gabby from Santiago, Chile, played for the Bulldogs this year but sustained an injury.  Still, she was honored at last night's Lady Bulldogs senior night.  She is shown with host mom Kathy Chambers. 

Senior Taylor Ward with her proud mom and dad. 

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