Sunday, January 08, 2017

Just Sunday Morning Thoughts

Through the mirror of my mind
Time after time . . . 

. . . Reflections of
The way life used to be
                                            ---Diana Ross

Anyone who knows me well would not be surprised that the partial lyrics above from Diana Ross's classic poignantly exemplifies one of my favorite and frequent activities----reflecting on the past. 

Today's photos are featured, thanks to a lovely moment during a brief conversation with sweet sweet Michie Wilkinson McLaughlin late yesterday afternoon. 

We had met at the ticket table for yesterday's SHS Lady Bulldogs game, and as I began to walk into the gym, Michie summoned me back to tell me one more thing.

"Toby's dad sent us a Christmas card," she told me, "and it was one of your mother's."  Michie went on to tell me that the card was the one with the two Appaloosas going down the road in the winter scene. 

To which I told her that scene was old North Boyer Road, looking to our house and woods, which sadly no longer exist. 

Michie was genuinely excited about the card and said she plans to frame it. 

I was so excited because the short interlude brought back a bit of Mother, and that is always nice. 

Later, after watching the girls' game and learning mid-game via my Facebook page that the ZAGS game we had all looked forward to all day had been postponed because of bad weather, I went on to my sisters' house anyway. 

After all, the menu for last night's scheduled game included hamburgers and game or not, the food still had to be eaten even if the ZAGS weren't playing.  Turns out the Seahawks were still fully involved in their successful play-off game against Detroit.  

So, all turned out well.  When I came home, three old photo albums that Laurie had rounded up this past week came with me.  

This morning while quickly thumbing through the goods to see what oldies and goodies were available, I found a black-and-white photo of Mother that I had taken years ago at a craft sale.

And, in the basket on her table:  the card with the two Appaloosas. 

I kind of figure this sequence of events was a "meant-to-be" so, of course, it's fun to revive a bit of my beloved mother and her wonderful artwork, all because Michie, like so many of Mother's fans, was so thrilled with a Christmas card. 

Who sez people don't live on?  

We're very fortunate that our mother left so much of herself and her love for horses and beautiful rural scenes behind.  

It is always so uplifting to encounter wonderful interludes like those few minutes spent with Michie at the ball game. 

In addition to the photo above, I pulled out a few others to add to my Sunday-morning reflective moments--- I love them all. 

For example, there are the two family matriarchs whose paths crossed frequently for decades after my brother Mike married his sweetheart Mary Thompson back in 1967.  

Later, in that union, which will be celebrated with their Golden Anniversary next month, came Maureen and Laura.  

And, with Mike and Mary's visits came trips to the Floating Restaurant or to other local eateries to enjoy a family lunch, which included Grandma Virginia and Grandma Helen. 

I could not resist the photo of Annie, which I took a year or two ago and developed in my darkroom at the Great Northern place.  

My two kids seemed to always be in situations that demanded photos.  So glad I had the camera to chronicle the fun moments of their lives. 

And, the photo at the bottom was taken by Ruthie Eich, one of our very talented local photographers. Ruthie captured a "rare" find at a wedding----all Love's dressed to the nines (well, to the nines as far as Love's are concerned).  

Yer not gonna catch me in a dress for the rest of my life, if I have any say about it.  Got that, kids! 

Anywho, we were as spit-shined as we're ever gonna be at that wedding, and it was definitely a "Kodak" moment. 

Plus, there are some good and wacky memories associated with the picture, which I have recounted on other occasions----like the green knees in that white suit of Willie's and the skirt separated from the top of Annie's dress---all happening within minutes of when the bride and groom said, "I do."  

I truly love life as it is now, but I also really love it the way it used to be, and whenever I hear Diana Ross singing that song, a tear may even well up in my eye. 

We are so fortunate as we reflect on our roots and how they influenced our lives, and we light up whenever someone re-ignites the flames from our past.  

Happy Sunday.  As for the ZAGS game last night, I'm sure a lot in ZAGland were let down when the game was postponed, but there is one plus:  ZAGS are still undefeated! 

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