Monday, January 09, 2017

Snowy Selle and Beyond

No school today. What a relief!  Even nearly 15 years out, I still love school-closure days, especially because I know how difficult it is on just a normal day for my sisters to do their morning chores involving nine horses and two dogs and to get to school on time.   

Add driveways filled with drifting snow, and it's a Herculean task. 

So, I'm glad for them and for everyone who has a day's work before their day's work begins. 

So, today, if it quits snowing, they will have their place cleaned out and if it doesn't snow too much tonight, the challenges of tomorrow's early-morning scene will diminish significantly. 

Yesterday, I spent a lot of time outside with the dogs and then the winds started whooping up and intensifying.  So, I decided to relax and watch a movie while dogs curled up for their afternoon naps. 

I was so engrossed in the movie when Bill came home that I didn't even ask him, "What's new down at the church?"  Like my daughter-in-law's usual conversation exchange of "What's new---Not Much," I always like to know the Presbyterian happenings. 

Usually, Bill tells me about someone who's been ill or a church member who's headed off for a trip.  Well, yesterday he was telling me about a Sandpoint native who has recently returned. She had gone to a school board meeting and was amazed. 

Well, I sorta listened to him but did not comment because the movie had me in such a spell.  It starred the phenomenal Meryl Streep, who only added to her greatness in a speech last night while being honored at the Golden Globes.  

In this movie called Music from the Heart, based on a true story, Meryl played the role of a violin teacher in East Harlem. 

As Bill kept telling me the Presbyterian news from the kitchen, I still did not comment---just kept watching, knowing that the instant he---a music lover----realized what the movie was about, he would sit down and soon be just as transfixed as I was.

It was a wonderful story of a lady who worked against all odds, both personally and professionally,  to teach young people the love of music and the great rewards that come with HARD work and dedication. 

I got a kick out of one part when a parent started complaining about the instructor's harsh edge, so after receiving a warning from her principal, Meryl tried to be nice.  

Immediately, kids as they always will, spotted the fake behavior.  They liked her better when she was demanding and real.  

"Fake nice" did not last one second longer, and the kids and the program grew over the years.  I won't spoil the ending for anyone who hasn't watched it, but let's just say the movie was very satisfying. 

The day before yesterday, I had watched another Encore movie, based on a true story about another teacher who followed his dream at a late age to become a remarkable major league pitcher. 

I love the messages of these movies, and I know, as a proud former educator, that there are many more similar stories out there.  

Let's hope Hollywood keeps up the good work of portraying these people who so beautifully exemplify how to make a positive difference in this world. 

We will be needing these reminders, for sure. 

Anyway, back to the weather.  After watching the movie and tuning in on a few minutes of the Green Bay Packer game, I decided it was time to get moving again.  So, I set off down the road with my camera.

This time, the winds had intensified even more. Crazy, but I actually love spending time walking in blizzard conditions, as long as I know the warm house is not far away. 

So, my route took me south on South Center Valley Road, east on Selle Road, south on North Kootenai Road and back.  The road surface was pretty icy, so each step was taken carefully.  

Occasionally the wind would swoop up a layer of snow and send it into circular fashion bouncing across the road or a field.  I tried, often in vain, to catch photos of those swirls and to snap other images portraying a cold, blustery winter day. 

As I walked into our driveway, it was evident that the wind was cranking up several notches, and by 5 p.m. or so, snow was both dropping from the sky and rising from the ground.

Looked like it would surely be a day off from school, and there's no question this morning. 

Bill was out early this morning snow blowing in anticipation of driving to town to attend a morning Sandpoint City Tree Committee meeting.  

"No Tree Committee Meeting," he just yelled up my way.  Must be pretty bad in town too.  

So, I guess, with a lot of the work done, we'll just enjoy this snow day and do a little more shoveling and breaking down the trails again for the dogs to play.  

Happy Monday. 

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