Tuesday, January 10, 2017

All on a Snow Day

Two snow storms in one day.  One ended around mid morning, and the other started around mid-afternoon. 

With two snow storms in one day, there's a lot of work to be done but some significant visual advantages.  

No more yellow snow and buried logs.  In both cases, we were beginning to see ubiquitous samples of both, so all is clean and fresh now.  It may stay that way for at least a day because the radio lady said more snow AND wind will come sometime today.

Then, we start back to another January Big Chill with teens and single-digit lows for the rest of the week.  On Friday, though, I'm expecting a big jump from those teens to about the 70s, so stay tuned. 

The other advantage of all that pretty snow is how it enhances the familiar winter scenes around the area.  So, yes, I post pictures of exactly the same views I've posted before.  

I do so because I happen to love them just about every time and because they always look a little different.  So, Meserve's barn, just like Taylor's two trees with the Cabinets in the background will continue to show up. 

We worked most of the morning, opening up trails along with just enjoying being outside.

In one case, as pictured below, we had a little extra work when the snow plow came by. The board on which the mail box sits could use some more sturdy connection to its post, but Bill and I agree that it's probably okay as is. 

If it were tightly fastened, the first time a snow plow came by a few weeks ago, we probably would have been replacing our mailbox.

As is, the mailbox and its board simply rotate over into the ditch on impact.  Then, I crawl into the snow and maneuver it back to its normal position. 

The only big problem with this situation requires "being there" when the plow goes by. I was really glad to have witnessed a particular plow/mailbox encounter last week because when I went to put the box back on its post, all my monthly payment envelopes were scattered around the ditch.  

Had I not come immediately, the continuing snow would have guaranteed some upcoming problems with January bills being unpaid and my not knowing why until spring. 

So, we're pretty vigilant when the plows come past. 

After a morning outside, I got a hankering for some almost homemade tater soup, so I peeled some spuds, chopped up some ham and through in some mix from a North 40 brand of packaged potato cheddar soup.

Twas delicious, especially with more melted cheddar and mini Salteens as we watched the college football national championship thriller.  I think my former student Keith Morris, a Clemson professor and author, is pretty happy about last night's last-second outcome. 

Yesterday's snow day was a good one from start to finish.  I do see the buses running this morning, so teachers and students are back at school this morning, following their extended holiday break. 

Bill is headed off to work for a while, so we'll be back into some sort of a normal routine today, whatever that is.  It's all good. 

Happy Tuesday.    

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