Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Postcard Pretty

Just in case folks haven't read this yet, I must start out today announcing that our ZAGS, currently 15-0,  now are the ONLY undefeated team in the nation.

No. 1 Baylor went down last night to West Virginia. 

Now, the hope is that the ZAGS can remain undefeated.  Tomorrow they'll take on Loyola Marymount and Saturday night, their perennial nemesis St. Mary's, which is also ranked in the Top 25.

Gonna be a tough week ahead, but for now, we can enjoy this unique distinction. GO, ZAGS!

And, to go along with the Gonzaga good news, we had a "great news" weather day yesterday.  Have I used an absolute superlative yet this winter as to just how pretty it's been on any of several given days? 

Whatever the case, I do believe yesterday may have been the best yet. 

Mother Nature dished out the ultimate for anyone with a camera or for anyone who simply loves to marvel at each day's version of natural outdoor artwork. And, of course, the beauty of North Idaho always helps too.

Yesterday included a touch of sadness when I learned about the loss of a home belonging to a former student whose parents are also former students and whose family I've known well and loved for years. 

Josh and Rebecca Moon and their family are now homeless, due to the fast-burning blaze which completely destroyed their cabin in Upper Pack River Tuesday evening.

They are temporarily living with Josh's mother Nadine in Kootenai, and the community has been rallying around them.  

Selle Valley resident Crystal Bertolucci, who has been instrumental in setting up support for the family, expressed it best in two different Facebook posts last evening. 

Moon Family Fire Donation set up at Mountain West Bank. Please consider donating. Gift cards a other donations can be dropped of at A & Ps [on First Avenue in downtown Sandpoint].

Today I am thankful for the amazing place we all call home. Sandpoint people are the best. I hollered out to circle the wagons...and that is just what happened. 

Much was accomplished today. Acct set up. Donation sites set up. Organizing benefit dinner is underway. I cannot express how blessed each of us are to live in a community of caring and sharing folks. 

Much love out to all of you and many thankful prayers for the giving nature in each of your hearts.

And, so, again and again, we are reminded that the incredible beauty in this area exists on the outside and within the hearts of its good citizens. 

Happy Wednesday. 

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