Thursday, January 19, 2017

Meltdown, Ice and Throwbacks

School is cancelled again today, 1/19. Sleet and rain overnight, then below freezing temperatures have turned the roads into skating rinks!

I was already to head outside this morning to do my chores when Bill strongly suggested that I add my YAK tracks when going out to get the papers. 

He had been out earlier with the dogs, and when he saw how shiny the road was, he stuck just the toe of his boot on the edge and sensed that it would not be a good idea to walk on that stuff without some sort of ice accessory. 

So, I heeded, and took the broom with me as a walking stick.  The YAK tracks helped me to and from the paper box, but each time I put the broom handle on the road surface, it just slipped away. 

The school superintendent did the right thing when he cancelled school for a second straight day. 

Bill kinda thinks it will still get worse before it gets better, so we'll be taking care, especially with where we walk.  Kinda disappointing because with this much snow, the road offers the only place to head out for a good walk----unless it's a sheet of ice.

I may have to go to Home Depot, like some of my friends do on a regular basis, to get some decent walking in today. 

Yesterday's walk changed abruptly after I headed north and just about the Meserve property line, the road surface had already begun developing into its present condition.

So, I turned around and walked south, across Selle Road and on to North Kootenai Road. I noticed on my way back that the Murray mailbox had been victim to the snowplow.  Ours was earlier in the day, but Bill was out there at the time to put it back into place.

Anyway, we've got a lot of wet stuff---in various consistencies---to deal with on this Thursday.  

Yesterday afternoon, I pulled out the new doggie dryer since the dogs were not drying off in the garage.   

I started with Foster, who thought, like he always does, that he didn't want to go through the ordeal.  As soon as that warm air started, though, Foster decided this was all right. 

And, Liam, who runs and hides instantly at the sight of anything mechanical, suddenly appeared, and lined up next to Foster waiting for his turn.  

Liam loved his session too, and then Kiwi.  She wanted to be invited, but once I brought her to the dryer, she was in Heaven.

Never ever thought they would take to it so fast.  

Since it's Thursday and Throwback Day, I once again visited the family photo albums and found a few classics to post today.

Regardless of weather, this is a good day cuz it's a ZAGS day.  The ZAGS will be playing at Santa Clara tonight, looking for Victory No. 18 vs. no losses.  It's a late game----8 p.m. on ESPNU. 

So, have some extra caffeine and be ready to cheer them on.  GO, ZAGS!!!!

Enjoy the photos below, and Happy Thursday. 

We still have icycles but not for long.  I watched the entire mass of snow on one side of our shop roof slide and crash to the ground this morning.  Lucky no living being was anywhere near.  That was a LOT of snow.  

Extra challenges for the postal carriers today. 

It's the old fairgrounds, as folks who've been around this area for several decades will remember.  That's my sister Barbara showing Omar and my sister Laurie showing Tiny, probably at a 4-H horse show when they were second and first year 4-H'ers, respectively. 

They're competing in fitting and showing, and it looks to me like they were doing a pretty nice job, which has never been unusual for my sisters. 

The old fairgrounds now serves as home to the Bonner County Heritage museum and the Lions' Club work shop (in one of the old fair barns. 

Little brother Jim as a youngster walking across the ditch at just about the same spot where I enjoyed my daily mailbox activity as a youngster about the same age.  

Older brothers Mike and Kevin standing in front of our house on North Boyer.  We don't have too many photos of the original house, so it's neat to see at least part of it. 

My mother was still making an effort to make a lady out of her eldest daughter when this photo was taken in our North Boyer driveway eons ago.

The loading chute at the end of the driveway provided one of my favorite places to stand when my brothers would get on the school bus.  I wanted to go with them but had to wait until I turned 6. 

Little adorable darlings Scott, Willie and Annie enjoying some marble cake.  Scott is my brother Kevin's son. 

I think this was my Arabian gelding Nadji, but I'm not quite sure.  I do know that's my sister Laurie showing her perennial winning equitation form way back when. 

First, I must apologize to Carlyn Coulter Blacker, who is riding the horse on the extreme left.  Unfortunately, I could not get the entire photo in the reprint.  That said, this is our Schweitzer Valley Dweller's 4-H Club entry in the 1976 Fourth of July Parade.  I do believe we may have won the sweepstakes.

Lots of fun memories of great horses and people from those old 4-H days. 

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