Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Wintry Smorgasboard

It's a mess.  It's treacherous.  Schools are closed, and even nonessential county offices will not be open today.

At our house, rain was beginning to fall on several inches of new overnight snow. Fortunately, Bill got out there with the snowblower before the really wet stuff started.

So, we have the basics cleaned out, and chores are done. 

A few minutes ago, I watched two-three weeks' of snow accumulation come crashing off the west roof, creating a berm, now about four feet deep.

Yup, we've got vintage January conditions here this morning. 

Fortunately, the snow plows won't have to deal with too much traffic on the roads as they do the cleaning out process today. 

Just hoping nobody encounters any roof collapses, as a thick layer of ice with snow on top and then a good dose of rain is not a good match. 

And, so on this day, I think I'll look ahead to spring and thumb through my seed catalogs.  

It's about time to restock on several garden items, and soon I'll be buying some potting soil and getting tomatoes and lettuce started. 

A lot of folks whom I know in this family are probably pretty happy about the snow day cuz when most of them are dealing bad colds.  

Even though my sisters will be spend several hours plowing, today's break should help them get past the worst part of their colds/flu. 

If school is back in session tomorrow, I have to get up early, do my chores and arrive at Farmin-Stidwell before 8 a.m. ready to dictate words. 

Another item besides sloppy weather which comes in January is the annual school spelling bee, and, it seems that once the school officials hook onto someone to help with the event's administration, that person is committed for life------------unless they mispronounce, that is. 


Maybe if I stumble over a few words like "cat" or "the" tomorrow, they'll ask me to stay after class, instruct me to sit down, meet face-to-face with the spelling nazis who will then announce with grim expressions, "You're fired!"


From what I observed yesterday on C-SPAN about what's coming in the future of our public education system, the expected standards will be changing, so maybe tomorrow's pronunciation assignment will my last day anyway. 

By the way, does any former student remember my helpful clue for remembering how to spell "pronunciation"?

There's a "nun" in the "CIA."  And, that tip should help with the proper proNUNciation too. 

Of course, the sweet and honorable nuns will probably leave the CIA come Friday, and then we're going to have to spell the word "proKGBation."  

So, what the heck!  

There's a new world coming soon, so if I happened to misproNOUNCE "cat," tomorrow, it probably would not make a whole lot of difference.  

So, as always, I'll do my duty and my best for the dedicated school staff and for those kids who give it their all. 

Lots to think about in terms of the future over the next few days, and I'm thinking garden seeds ought to receive the most attention cuz at least, with a little help and tender loving care, they usually provide positive results. 

Happy Wednesday!

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