Sunday, February 26, 2017

A New Day in ZAG Nation and a Local Celeb

I watched a timely one-hour discussion yesterday on C-Span's Book TV, focusing on our second President John Adams.  The program featured two authors who have penned books about Adams.  

One of the authors grew up in Sandpoint, Idaho.  I've mentioned Luke Mayville a time or two before in this blog and will probably do so again, as he hopes to come to Sandpoint to talk about his book John Adams and the Fear of American Oligarchy

Yesterday's Book TV discussion clearly showed that his hometown is in for a treat.  

The link below speaks for itself in illustrating Luke's knowledge of history and his ability to communicate in an articulate and provocative manner.  

Must have had a good English teacher!  Just kidding. 

Anyway, click on the link and wait for the video to get you started on a fascinating historical discussion, which dates back to America's beginnings but clearly ties in with key influences on our current system of government.  

I told Luke that I wished the discussion had gone on for more than an hour.

One of my friends, after watching Luke yesterday, wrote that he should be the poster boy for our upcoming school supplemental levy election.

Agreed . . . he and countless other graduates of our local public school system exemplify its long record of educating and inspiring students to reach and succeed far beyond the norm for a community the size of Sandpoint. 

And, so, yes, I now have my "Vote Yes for Schools" on the levy because of the phenomenal success our school system has achieved in preparing the majority of its students for the pathways they choose to follow.  

On the nature front, I've seen the first flocks of geese flying over and squawking their presence this past week.  

The group below was coming in for a landing in Dan Wood's field yesterday after I had paid a visit on down the road to Jack Filipowski's baby calves. Their numbers are increasing, and they're awfully cute. 

On the subject of last night's final game of the WCC season for the ZAGS, the much anticipated gleeful, historical ending did not go as we all had wished.  

Their perfect season will have to come some other time, if such things are possible. 

BYU played strategically, outwitting and outplaying the Bulldogs throughout most of the game after a start that appeared almost too good to be true, suggesting the home team was going to cruise through this last test toward perfection. 

The magical start was short-lived; the ending, which will haunt a lot of folks' memories forever:   a punch in the gut.  

I'm sure it's difficult for anyone in the ZAG Nation with a strong emotional investment in this team to simply say, "Oh well." 

As I said to Bill this morning, if the loss had come earlier in the season, it may not have been so painful.

Tough night for the ZAGS.  

It was also disappointing for the Spokesman-Review staff, which had prepared a special edition, touting a perfect 30-0 season, to be distributed in the Kennel at the end of game. 

The editor explains in this morning's revised edition that such things happen from time to time, and, sadly, a whole bunch of papers get burned.

In any basketball game, rebounding is pretty essential. In the ZAGS' case, one quick rebound will be needed to get back on track for the post-season. 

They are a classy, talented group of guys with some phenomenal coaches.  I have no doubts that they'll take the lessons of this devastating loss and move on to recapture the magic they have produced all season long.  

Love the ZAGS.  Always will.

On the Annie Love front, it looks like a beautiful day in Brazil.  She is, as I type, exploring the area around Sao Paulo.  

This is a photo from Guarulhos, which is near Sao Paulo. According to Wikipedia, its name means "eaters" or "big bellied people," in reference to the original indigenous inhabitants of the area. 

Annie will hang out in the area one more day and then fly home from what has to have been an action-packed and phenomenal adventure to South America. 

Guess that's it on this snowy morning.  Happy Sunday. 

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