Monday, February 06, 2017

It'sSnow Day for Wussies--No Fun Intended

Ten inches and still counting since we went to bed last night.  The morning has not exactly gone according to the usual schedule. 

Bill has already been to town.  My horses were fed about 5:15 a.m. IN THE BARN.  I shoveled a path from the back door to the driveway and made a decision:  lay off the shoveling or you're gonna be lying around for a while.  

Snow is heavy, and when snow is both heavy and deep, a tender lower back, which uses any excuse to turn sore, suddenly has a good excuse to turn really sore.

So, the shovel went into the snow pile and I walked through ten inches of new snow to the barn.  Thank goodness the barn door would not close last night.  We would probably never get it open this morning.  

The barn door has taken on a chronic problem this winter, probably due to ground heaving, of wearing us to a frazzle each time we open and close it.  

I broke a shovel handle last night trying to pry the bottom from wherever it was stuck and to close the dang thing.  Later, Bill went out and gave it a try, only to say he had failed. 

So, that was a blessing in disguise because my horses are in still in their stalls eating their breakfast and watching the snow fall. 

While outside, I also went around through the deep snow and swept off the satellite dishes.  The moment I entered the house, our electricity went off.  

The only light I could find was on my cell phone screen, so I called Bill, who went to town because he had forgotten to get gas for the snowblower yesterday. 

He was leaving Sand Creek Conoco, and he talked me through finding the lanterns and where their switches were.  The minute I flipped the second switch, the lights came back on. 

Who knows how long they'll stay on, but at least the major stuff that needs to get done is done for now.  All animals are safe inside and fed. The dryer is working, which is good cuz my snow pants were pretty wet when I came back inside. 

Bill's now home from town with gas for the snowblower, and he's now taking some time for a cup of coffee before heading back out to clear out walkways.  

I don't remember---for a long, long time----having this much snow fall overnight, and I have a feeling it's gonna get messier before it gets better. 

So, that's it for now.  I'll maybe add more photos as the day plays---or should I say "works" out.  The irony is that it's mighty pretty out there, but, as noted yesterday, I do think folks around here have seen all the "winter pretty" they want for a while. 

Happy Monday. 


Helen said...

yup..... enough already.... 8" in town; 16" at Schweitzer, 10" at your place - and this one isn't light and fluffy as you point out.

Anonymous said...

It really is beautiful (easy for me to say from 74 degree Florida...) Julie / Orlando

Rod & Marene Johnson said...

Was it 2008? Anyway, the last time we had really heavy snow here in CDA, we had one 36 hour span in which we had 36"of snow at our home in the Post Falls Highlands. Not saying it to brag or to put you northerners down, but "been there, done that". You have my sympathy. It's hard work moving all that white, even with a good snowblower. Sure is beautiful though (for a while)

Pa Rock said...

Beautiful photos! Southern Missouri where I live has not had significant snowfall in the past three years. Sadly, global warming is real. Enjoy your snow!