Sunday, February 05, 2017

Snow Business and Super Sunday

My photos this morning are "so yesterday."  On this Super Sunday morning, many of those same scenes are "so wet."  

Big change in the weather this morning.  We've gone from a slippin' and slidin' winter wonderland to a squishy and sloshy "I WONDER what's next." 

I'm kinda glad to have wet outdoor clothes in exchange for the ability to walk like an old woman who's feeling her oats again rather than a really old woman ever-so-cautiously planning her route carefully every step of the way. 

We had absolutely no safe place to walk yesterday 'cept the barn and the house. I tried walking down the road a couple of times, only to turn around and say "Hail Mary's" all the way home.   

Anywho, that's behind us, and now huge chunks of warming-up snow are sliding off the roofs. A couple of small lakes are forming inside my barn, and that sheet of killer ice we call the driveway is happily turning to mush. 

Super Sunday will not be so pretty outside, but with trips to town for a good supply of edibles, and the alternative dog and puppy shows, we should manage. 

While we're stuffing away all those calories and turning into full-fledged couch potatoes, maybe a whole bunch of that snow will melt, and we can start thinking about spring in a few weeks.

In between my somewhat feeble attempts to ratchet up my Fitbit step count yesterday, I took in several basketball game endings.  

Except for the ZAGS, I like the last four minutes of close games.  I like watching every second of a ZAGS game and am thrilled when the score is not all that close at the end.

That was the situation last night, after a day loaded with ranked teams' upsets,  when the ZAGS took their 24th straight win at the Kennel.   So, it's looking pretty good for them to hold the No. 1 crown for at least this next week. 

Life is very, very good in the ZAG Nation, regardless of weather. 

And, so that's about it from Lake Ice Begone here at the Lovestead.

On a special family note, my brother Mike (aka "George" as dubbed by Judge Frances Sleep at the wedding ceremony) and his wife Mary will be celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary tomorrow.  

I'm pretty sure they may be in travel mode tomorrow on their way to Mexico City, so I'm sending an early "Happy Anniversary"  their way.  

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Brown, on this wonderful achievement which has also enriched two families for 50 years with oodles of great memories and a whole set of wonderful "outlaws aka family friends."  

And, to "Slight Detour" readers, enjoy your Super Sunday, doing whatever you wish to do. And, to the kitty cats, the puppies, the athletes, Lady Gaga, Luke Bryan and the other musicians and to the big-time ad creators----may good fortune and fun go your way!

Happy Sunday.  

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