Saturday, February 11, 2017

Saturday Slight

I enjoyed two very pleasant happenings while going for a brief walk down our country road yesterday afternoon.

Several breaths of spring in the midst of all that snow from this week gave me an added boost as I walked (with Yak Tracks) almost normally.

It was a time for inhaling that welcome air, and the "time" played an important role also. Twas about 4:45 in the afternoon when the bus passed me twice, and I could clearly see the bus driver waving back at me.

A good sign to see the yellow bus and not simply its lights in the darkness as has been the case since November.

Earlier I had driven to town to do some shopping, and after gingerly making my way across parking lots coated with thick, polished and death-defying ice, I came home feeling the doldrums. 

Twas the first time, actually, all winter long.  

Happily, those temporary blahs completely vanished and exhilaration took hold as I marched down that road, even stopping for a brief time to enjoy a nice visit with a neighbor. 

Spring is still a long way off, and we can plan on more moments of misery and big messes in the coming weeks, but those occasional uplifting reminders that "this too shall pass" provide the perfect pill for enduring what's to come. 

Of course, the camera went along, and you'll notice that I had some fun this morning throwing a creative touch to some of the photos below.

Please note the bottom image and its explanation. It comes from across the pond, and it shows the same moon which has been brightening our evening and morning skies.  Love the way it connects us to others from far, far away and reminds us that we are one on this earth. 

Just in case anyone in my reading audience does not know, this is GAME DAY, and the ZAG Nation around the world (even in Dublin) will be on pins and needles in hopes the the Bulldogs can muster up another win over their main WCC nemesis St. Mary's in the GAELS' gym, no less.

So, we're getting stoked up and ready to be in front of the tube, watching every second at 5:15 p.m. PST on ESPN.  And, since it's ESPN's Game Day, we may have to watch even earlier to see the features. 

Hoping, hoping, hoping that at the end of the day, it's ZAGS at 26-0, still No. 1 and still the only undefeated men's team in the NCAA.  

GO, ZAGS!  Come, SPRING!!!


Lough Swilly aka Lake of Shadows in Buncrana, Donegal, Ireland.

The photo was taken early this morning in Ireland by Nikki McIntyre who lives in Buncrana and works at Scoil Mhuire where we left a Sandpoint Magazine and a collection of my mother's Western pen and ink notecards.

Since Mother's family traces back to Buncrana, we made a point on our trip in 2014 of visiting the area, which is beautiful.  

Nikki made advance arrangements for our school visit, and though I've never met her, I continue to appreciate her kind gesture in our behalf, and I love seeing her from time to time on Facebook.

Thanks so much, Nikki, for letting me share your lovely photo of the "homeland." And, do tell everyone at the school/scoil "Hello" from the Love family.

Some day we'll be back! :)

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