Friday, February 10, 2017

That Kind of Day

I learned something yesterday.  Many of us have lived our lives in fear that the Federal government will come and lock us up if we tear or cut the label off from pillows. 

I have never yet cut the label from a pillow, and, surely, these days I'd better not. It's so tempting, though.

I've had the similar paranoia about spraying stuff on satellite dishes only to succumb to a worse punishment than going to jail:  no Internet, no TV forever cuz ya ruined your satellite dish. 

Well, I'm here to tell you that Bill's can of de-icer did NOT work very well yesterday---just kinda made the ice crinkle a little bit, and we still had no satellite station reception. 

Later, however, de-icer and all, the cable networks came back. Except for the three times our electricity went off, necessitating the whole 15-minute reboot of DirecTV each time, we happily watched any station we wanted throughout the day and evening. 

So, I'm thinking about doing a really bad pre-emptive thing and spraying Pam on our satellite dishes.  Why not live dangerously, especially when you don't like to twiddle your thumbs inside the house when there's a storm outside shutting down your entertainment.

Yesterday truly was a doozy.  Dogs hated me because I kept telling them they could not go outside cuz icy stuff was falling off from anywhere that ice could form. 

We listened to continuous crashes from the roof, in the woods, in the yard and off the other buildings as snow coated with thick ice let loose and dropped to the ground. 

The day was filled with surprises.  

One of the best, which deserves a BIG shout out, was that our mail lady delivered, even though the mailbox was encased massive amounts of snow plowed from the rain.  

I saw from her tracks that she had actually gotten out of her car, maneuvered her way to the box and inserted our mail inside.  

She definitely lives up to the motto "The mail always goes through." 

Our Schwan's man came but parked on the road rather than coming into the driveway.  He said he had been driving in a lower gear all day just to stay on course. He delivered too. 

And, during the day when we noticed that the melting snow was delivering lakes into our garage, shop and barn, Bill and I picked up the shovels----as if we haven't already done enough of that----and shoveled out huge and heavy amounts of ice-crusted snow from the areas where the melt was occurring. 

Of course, we didn't hold out much hope that our work would be efficient because we knew the adjoining huge piles could melt, sending water toward those openings.

We had one more great delivery and not a surprise during the day, when some folks without electricity joined us and we watched another ZAGS victory.  Yay, ZAGS!!  25-0.

It was nice to have the ZAGS treat at the end of a rough day and even nicer that Mother Nature saw fit to cool things off a bit last night and to turn the water spigot off.  Maybe, just maybe we won't have as much flooding as anticipated. 

We're not holding our breath, though, and we're ready to do more shoveling, if necessary. For now, it's a beautiful Yak Track morning in the neighborhood.  

We're happy for Willie and Woody's Lady Bulldogs who earned their way to State last night, and, of course, we're always thrilled for the ZAGS.  Both men and women won last night. 

Happy Friday. If you don't hear from me tomorrow, you'll know I cut a label off a pillow! 


Anonymous said...

oooooh - I'd be careful if I were you - na na na na na na na na can't you just hear the music from the Wizard of Oz playing in the back of your mind as you look at the pillow label and contemplate cutting it off - maybe the wicked witch was really "the government" ...... On another note, you failed to mention the best thing about yesterday - 3-0

Marianne Love said...