Thursday, February 23, 2017

Sunny-Day Whimsy

Endorphins were in abundance yesterday, and the mildly stagnating winter cocoon has clearly begun to shed. Twas a beautiful day in the neighborhood, which I enjoyed from start to finish.

I have a little area out in front of my barn, which started with a patch of green several days ago.  The patch has grown and continues to expand almost by the hour.

It might meet a slowdown for the next few days cuz we're having cold temps (in the teens) at night.  That's okay, though, cuz a gradual thaw is much better than what we experienced last week.

Anyway, that area has given me a sense that spring will arrive as I occasionally pick up the lawn rake and clear away more rocks, soggy strands of hay and manure which has built up over the winter.  

The entrance to the barn appears quite tidy now, and that's definitely providing a "feel-good" sight in this last full week of February.  

A portion of yesterday involved enjoying a fun visit with some neighbors, one of whom may work with Lefty for this 4-H year.  As expected, Lefty made a great impression, sharing his loving nudges as the visitors became acquainted.  If this works out, I'm positive he will enjoy all the extra attention. 

After visitors left, I placed a few planting trays on my outdoor table (the pickup tailgate) and happily soaked up sun while punching 60 or so geranium seeds into potting soil.  The trays, which spent the night in the greenhouse, will come in the house sometime today for warmth and water and a good start for germinating seeds.

One of my high school classmates sent me a novel planting idea yesterday----ice cream cones.  The idea is that once the seeds have sprouted and the plants are ready to put in the ground, one simply plants cone and all, as it's biodegradable. 

I suppose I could have done that with my geraniums but was too anxious to get them planted to go to town and buy cones.  Maybe today, and maybe I'll try it with some other varieties of seeds.     

This morning Schweitzer is beyond stunning this morning with little pink clouds floating in a "bluebird" sky above the mountain's pure whiteness.  It's a "My oh My!" day, for sure.

I enjoyed taking breaks during the day to carry my camera and snap a few photos.  It was even more enjoyable to play with special effects on a few.  Those untouched, however, clearly illustrate that "beautious" scenes showed progress and some astounding eye candy. 

This morning I read in the paper about a young high school athlete who plans to play for Gonzaga basketball this next year.  He's dealing with a foot injury right now but expects to show up on campus in the summer and start working with the team.

For now, he expresses the same attitude as virtually everyone who's beside themselves about the ZAGS remarkable perfect run this season.  It's like Christmas every time they play, he said. 

I agree.  The ZAGS 2016-17 package is just about a wrap.  All that's left:  a big beautiful ribbon and bow to add the final phenomenal touch; that involves two victories this week. 

Tonight one of those possibilities will unfold in San Diego at 7 pm. PST on ROOT/KHQ. If all goes well, ZAGS will have the ribbon, and the bow can top it off Saturday at Senior Night in the Kennel.  

GO, ZAGS!  We hope you have the time of your lives this week and record your own special chapter in college basketball's history books.     

Happy Thursday. 

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