Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tuesday TwitterdeeHO-HUM

The hydrangeas are doing well in the Brazilian jungle. Plus, just seeing that much color helps boost the attitude in the North Idaho mix-and-match winter.

Slop yesterday, all day.  Frozen slop this morning.  

Lookin' like snow coming over the mountains.  

Just no more slop, please.  

Anyway, Annie has gone from her Seattle winter to the Brazilian summer with temperatures in the 90s.  She says Sao Paulo ain't so pretty, but the outskirts are. 

One of her geocaching friends from England said the temperatures had cooled off a bit once they reached their lodge in the jungle yesterday.  

They've already seen tarantulas, and I'm pretty sure Annie has now photographed one, as seen below.

I just keep thinking about Annie and her flipflops---in the jungle.  Maybe I'd better not think too much. 

Anyway, she and her friends are probably headed out today on their trek to find the APE cache.  Hoping all goes well. 

It is nice for us to have our world traveler somewhere else in the world when the weather's not so good around here.  

At least, we can keep our minds engaged with thoughts of the experiences they're having and keep checking Facebook to see if new photos are up.

During yesterday's slop storm here in North Idaho, I did take some time to plant a potting tray with two kinds of lettuce and a couple of pots with petunias and forget-me-nots. 

I took a long walk down the road in the slop and found the experience to be very therapeutic.  

I also did a bunch of re-booking for upcoming travel, cuz Bill and I are gonna try to get out of here again.  

We're thinking the weather conditions in the next few weeks probably could not come close to the mess we awakened to last Thursday.  But who knows!  

Just keeping our fingers crossed that this time that no calamities occur, and we'll be able to escape to some different scenery and an abundance of bare ground where we can walk like normal people. 

I don't know if any of you have seen the video on Facebook where the woman gets out of her car, carrying a big bag and having to maneuver her way in a narrow pathway between a big snow bank and her car. 

She almost falls down a few times, and as she nears her house, looks over at a rather dapper snowman standing proudly next to the house.  

Before turning to the house, she hurls her big bag directly at the snowman, decapitating him.

The scene exemplifies exactly how a lot of us are feeling at this point in this winter.  

Anyway, not a whole lot else on the mind this morning.  Heck! After the tragedy in Sweden that didn't happen, the Donald didn't even do anything too weird yesterday. Sounds like he even picked a new good guy to keep us secure!

Anywho, we all reach these points every so often and just keep trudging on, figuring that more excitement or bizarre challenges will come soon enough.

So, that's it from the Lovestead on this Tuesday where all is quite well but not too exciting. 

At least we don't have tarantulas to deal with . . . maybe a few stink bugs!

Happy Tuesday.  

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Preppy Mountain Farmer said...

Slop and stinkbugs here too, but no tarantulas! I wouldn't be able to sleep at night if there were. Our snowdrops and daffodils have sprouted here in the Northeast too. Wishing you springlike weather in Idaho the rest of the week!