Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Wearisome but Wondrous Snow

Bill wanted to see the effects of an extra heavy snowfall in Boundary County, where a state of emergency has been called and where schools have been closed for the remainder of the week.  

With this week's latest dump, the snow pack is so heavy around the county that bodies and equipment are needed to shovel off roofs and to help dig out residents. 

As we drove through Bonners Ferry yesterday afternoon, we noticed that high berms partially hide a lot of the businesses along the highway and that several roadside homes have no walkways yet opened to their front porches. 

And, there's more snow coming.  I think the rivers and streams will have enough water this spring and summer, and depending on what Mother Nature decides in the next few days, some of that water may be finding its way over stream banks. 

There's plenty of work yet to be done in getting things back to normal for Boundary County citizens, but for us Bonner County residents who caught up with the snow the day before, Bill and I enjoyed the beauty while driving up the Meadow Creek Road loop which eventually meets the highway at Good Grief. 

We also took a short side trip to the Addy Bridge, where Bill noted that during the summer time, he and Willie bring up their pontoons after floating and fishing the Moyie River. 

Snow has a way of adding some rather pleasant cosmetics and artistic dimensions to an otherwise blah landscape. Yesterday we found its handiwork to be both pretty and imposing. 

We stopped frequently to take pictures, and, at times, found it just plain hard to stop clicking with the abundance of beauty. 

So, I hope you enjoy the photos, which begin with a trio taken on our country road during my daily walk.  

Happy Wednesday. 

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Anonymous said...

We've been on that loop road between Good Grief and Hwy 2 but never in the winter. Beautiful drive in the spring, summer and fall but now we've seen what it looks like in the winter thanks to your photos. Thanks!