Friday, March 03, 2017

Don Albertson: YES Man

It's a fairly quiet Friday morning around here.  Coffee consumed. Barns cleaned.  Latte tasting good.  Papers read. 

Oops.  I forgot something.  

Festus injected!

Yup, I have crossed a threshold, as has my feline friend.  With him licking away at his canned kitty food, I've managed to give him three shots so far. 

Lessons came at a time I least expected yesterday.  Hadn't heard from the vet by mid morning, so I called.  

Yes, the receptionist said, the insulin had come in, and yes, bring him over for your lesson.

I had a lunch date and called my friend, asking if we could push it back by half an hour. After all, as with any visit to any doctor's office, if I don't have to think about it, the experience usually goes a lot better. 

So, I packed up Festus, and off we went.  Within 20 minutes or so after a few instructions about shaking the bottle vigorously, sucking out two units, pulling up a wad of Festus' neck hide, poking and pushing, I had succeeded.

At first during my lesson, I didn't think the stuff went in, but the helpful vet tech assured me that two units doesn't feel like much when you're pushing that needle's throttle. 

Sure enough when I pulled it out, the insulin was gone from the syringe.  Festus didn't seem to mind a bit, and he hasn't minded for shots No. 2 and 3. 

I think we're going to be okay, and I'm sure Festus will be feeling a lot better fairly soon. 

On another note, I also mentioned "papers read."  

Well, in this morning's paper, I read today's assortment of letters promoting or demoting the school levy vote on March 14. 

After learning in some why to vote NO for the levy and a few reasons why I should vote YES for the levy, I came across a letter written by my dear, longtime friend and former colleague, Don Albertson.  

Don and I started out together at Sandpoint High School back in the fall of 1969.  He taught biology, while I taught English.  Don also coached football, while I advised the drill team and the yearbook. 

As we became better acquainted and I learned that his roots as a farm kid closely resembled mine and that we ran with pretty much the same rural crowd, our friendship blossomed as did our tendency to tease each other.  

Over the years, we've also pulled pranks on each other and always enjoyed some good laughs.  

No, my horses were not out on the road that day Don called, but his claim sure had me going for a while. 

And, back in the day of collect calls, I made a call to the Alberston home from Texas or someplace far away.  After going through the gauntlet at the other end, someone finally accepted my call.  

It's important to mention that most of those pranks happened on prank day, April 1, and I'm sure after this post---with Don looking so debonair-----gets around, I'd better be on the look out for this upcoming April Fools Day. 

For today, however, I must give a shout out to my friend, who kinda looks like another "Don" in this photo, which was taken at his 70th birthday party.

Don wrote a great letter supporting the school levy this morning, definitely a letter which should resonate with a lot of folks who might be on the fence regarding how to vote.  

The part I liked was that he, as much as anyone, said he might sometimes protest his tax assessment but when it comes to schools, he figures the cost pretty much matches what he pays to have his garbage hauled off. 

It's kind of a no-brainer to conclude that the payback for his and mine and most people's school expenditures on personal property taxes reaps a whole lot more, permanent, priceless results than the garbage bill. 

So, thanks, Don, for that great letter, which, coming from you, should translate into a postive outcome for our local public school system.  

Also, as always, thanks for your friendship and your sense of humor.  

By the way, Don, I think I'll be visiting Antarctica on April Fool's Day, so you may have to do some planning for this year's prank!

Happy Friday. 


Anonymous said...

Why no posts here?

Is there a list somewhere else?

Myra Lewis said...

Yes, Don is a beloved retired teacher that believes in education...

Marianne Love said...

We have a Facebook Sandpoint High Class of 1965 group page, where you'll find information and photos and news dating back a couple of years. If you are on Facebook, send me a note and I'll add you to the group. Thanks.