Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Good Not Yet Interred

Friends, Readers, Countryfolk, lend me your ears and your eyes.

I come to praise the good people who worked with conviction and diligence to pass our school levy.  

They were ambitious.  It is truly so.
They are honorable folks  And, that is truly so. 

They hath brought many people to the polls.
They hath encouraged a healthy majority to support the bright path of learning.

Ambition IS made of pretty stern stuff.
They are honorable folks.  Oh yes, they are!

I speak not this morning to disprove what others have opposed about our schools.

I only speak what I do know.

Young minds will thrive, thanks to their ambitious good works.  

Yay, I say. 

The good is not yet interred with THESE people's bones.
The good hath come from their hearts, their souls and from their minds.

And, dear friends, when that doth occur, good things do happen to the masses of good people.

So, my heart is not in the coffin there with Caesar or any other. 

My heart and all the hearts who care for future good tidings brim this morning with great joy. 

And, so dear friends, readers and countryfolk, on this March 15, we do not beware!

We rejoice. 

And, that is all. 

                 by Marianne Love, experiencing joy this morning

In related news, a bit of information from one of the many great people who worked their hearts out for the levy victory.  See below. 

Drenna Waters and Luke Mayville

We met Drenna Waters last weekend at Sandpoint Assisted Living. She hadn't known about this levy, but when she heard about what's at stake she committed to Vote Yes. 

We checked back with Drenna today to ask if she made it to the polls. She did. 

Did you? (Polls close at 8 p.m.).

                                                                  ---Luke Mayville

I've mentioned Luke a time or two before on this blog.  Let me tell you a little more about Luke.  He's a Sandpoint High graduate.  He's a University of Oregon graduate.  He received his doctorate from Yale. He teaches at American University in New York, and he's a post-doctoral fellow at Columbia University. 

Luke recently published a book about John Adams, relating to fear of oligarchy---very timely these days, and Luke recently appeared on Book TV in Philadelphia to discuss his book. 

I think I have all that right.  What I do know for sure, however, is that Luke gave up his spring vacation to fly home from New York to Sandpoint and work long hours, organizing a "knock on doors" campaign.  

I also know the names of two of his contemporaries, both Sandpoint High grads and both phenomenal achievers themselves----Garret Strizich aka Seinfeld gang and Megan Johnson. 

Their goal:  knock on 3,000 doors in the days leading up to the levy election.  When I talked with Luke Monday night, he said they had reached 2,600 doors toward their goal. 

Yesterday they launched a phone campaign to get out the vote, and, yes, I had an opportunity to participate. Twas fun. 

Last evening, Luke told me that he thought they had reached their goal of reaching out to 3,000 potential voters.  

Their motive:  they firmly believe in the local education system that provided to them their foundation and planted their inspirational seeds for moving forward with their own future goals.   

They saw an urgent need to ensure that the same educational opportunities fwould flourish for present students and for those of the future. 

Their efforts, along with those of hundreds of other enthusiastic volunteers within the community, succeeded.  

At last count, nearly 5,000 voters said yes to the levy vs. around 2,800 no votes.  

Lake Pend Oreille School District can move on for the time being, providing the best possible opportunities for a variety of learners.

These learners will learn in the classroom.  They will learn outside the classroom via experiential education. 

They will also learn through involvement in a multitude of extracurricular offerings, which in many cases, provide inspiring pivotal moments for students, directing them toward the unique lives they choose to live. 

That's education in this school district, and we are truly appreciative this morning that graduates like Luke, Garrett, and Megan were so willing to sacrifice their free time for a noble cause. 

Thanks to all, especially our district's graduates, who generously gave of their hearts, souls and minds so that future minds can flourish. 

It's a wonderful and healthy cycle, and it makes us old retired teachers mighty proud. 

Happy Wednesday. 

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