Thursday, March 16, 2017

Madness in the Air

It's not water under the bridge here at the Lovestead this morning.  Instead, it's water flowing over the lane.  

That heavy snow pack is melting away quickly, and the culvert beneath the lane must be plugged.

Yup, signs of early spring are in the air on this lovely March morning, and one of those begins at 9:15 a.m. with the first tip-off of March Madness.

I'll probably take in part of that first game and then head outside for a while with dogs who now have to play on the lane to avoid having to swim in their usual playground. 

At 10:30, our vet comes to give Lily her last shot before Baby Lily Ferrari appears in a couple of weeks.  

Annie wants the foal's name to be "Maserati."  I'll have to check with Monty when naming time comes, but I like the idea.  

If it's a girl, Mazy; if it's a boy, how about Sam (backward for Mas).   We'll just have to wait and see.  

Speaking of vet stuff, our diabetic feline, Mr. Festus, visited his vet's office yesterday, and doctor told me his counts are now very good, which means 2.5 units of insulin twice a day will be sufficient. Nice to see that much improvement in two weeks. 

Although it's looking like a nice day today, I'm figuring on making many a trip back and forth to the house to see the next batch of basketball games.  

Over the past few years, I've found this March craziness more and more addictive.  

My sister Barbara sent me an invitation last night to join her in a small bracketology group----this time just for fun, no money.  

So, I filled out two brackets and decided that this year that I'm NOT gonna bet against our ZAGS.  

So, I've put them in the Final Four in both cases.  I don't care what all the other pundits have to say. 

Nobody knows the potential outcome when there's heart, talent, intellect, good fortune and total commitment involved in any given pursuit.  

So, I'm thinking believing and hoping that all the stars line up this year and that the perennial naysayers who love to hate the ZAGS will have to pick on someone else next year. 


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