Wednesday, March 29, 2017

WETday No. ???&%???

I guess we had our spring on Monday afternoon.  They say it's supposed to quit raining sometime this year, but they've said that a lot of times.  

Rained all day, all night, and now it's raining some more. 

Someone said on the radio that the sun will shine on Friday so that the rain can start again on Saturday. 

I hope they're wrong, but then it could be that Friday's predicted sun will get changed in time for Tom's weather report tonight.  

That way he can move Friday's originally predicted sun to Tuesday or Wetday or sometime far enough in the future to tease weather weary folks into thinking it's gonna get better some day.  

As the lakes continue to grow, the mud gets squishier and the gloom hangs heavily, I must say that six months of moisture (yes, rain or snow almost continually since Oct. 1, 2016) should be enough to stop forest fires for a while. 

I'm sure the county road folks and the people with cars and trucks who have to come to nearly a complete stop on the road in front of our place for the giant mud pimple would like the rain to stop.  

We're paying the usual North Idaho price of sucking it up (figuratively speaking, of course) until a better time and paying it ever so dearly right now.  Don't take me literally, whatever you do!

Sometimes the resilience washes away when there's this much moisture.

Anyway, one thing is for sure, it's a water photographer's dream.  Not that I would care to specialize in taking pictures of water, but not much choice right now.  At least the birds like the rain. 

Enjoy the photos.  Stay dry and maybe this is the beginning of the "Silent Spring," as one person put it after yesterday's GIANT SIGNATURE signing day to make coal miners happy.

Happy WETDAY! 

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