Thursday, March 30, 2017

Mood Enhancements

Every little bit helps.  When it seems like there's no end to the weather gloom, at last, the clouds give way to that color which matches an often debilitating mood. 

This morning's samples are the blues I'll take any day over all the others that tend to oppress and weigh heavily during endless rain, rain, rain, rain, mud, mud, mud and then some more. 

So, that blue sky appearing in bits and patches this morning is so welcome.

Maybe we're in for a break.  

Mood enhancements, without aid of drugs, can make all the difference.  

Even before the blue sky began appearing as clouds slowly lifted over Schweitzer, I felt a pleasant little boost while scrolling through Twitter and seeing the photo (at the bottom) of ZAGS players on a wall.  

Yup, someone on Twitter thought it was pretty neat that the ZAGS have their own wall art outside their hotel in Phoenix. So, they posted the photo. 

The ZAG euphoria pill appears to be ubiquitous in these days leading up to their first game in Saturday's Final Four.

I'm even wondering if the word "ZAG" might even be outdistancing "Trump" for the next few days in the Google numbers department.  

After all, by Saturday afternoon, a lot of folks need to be educated about the difference between a "ZOG" and a "ZAG."   

I don't think there was a section in today's Spokane newspaper without a ZAGS story or two.  

I especially loved the photo of Coach Mark Few headed off from McArthey Athletic Complex, home of the Bulldogs, with his German Shepherd Stella  trotting behind him, off leash.  

I've read that Coach Few's canine friend attends all practices, and I'm wondering if she accompanied him to Phoenix to ward off any future "monkeys" that might want to climb on his back.

Anyway, as we lead up to the first round of the Final Four in the next few days, I have a feeling that--rain or shine--moods in the extensive ZAG Nation will continue to enhance.  

Here at the Lovestead, we may have a mood enhancer in the next few days when Lily decides that the ground has dried up enough to welcome her little one to the world. 

I'm figuring that both Lily and Little One are pretty smart to hold off until all that rotten weather passes. 

And, we've got birthdays, just about one a day, beginning yesterday and continuing through next week.  Those should be mood enhancers. 

Facebook has even helped lighten my mood this morning with a reminder of where we Love family members happened to be three years ago. 

We stopped to take photos of adorable sheep in Ireland's Killarney National Park, and there were adorable little lambs.  Don't know if there was any ivy, but Bill pulled off some tufts of wool from fence wire to use for future flying tying projects.

It was a happy time in a happy place.  Ireland does enhance the mood, as do a lot of other little joys in life. 

Happy Thursday.  


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