Friday, March 31, 2017

Good bye, March; Hello Fun Weekend

Gonna be brief today.  This is one of those long-awaited days where the sky is blue, things are drying out and lots going on today and during the weekend.

On the Lily report----she just keeps eating.  She eats all day, and from my trips to the barn in the midnight hours, I can say she eats most of the night.

Gotta store up a lot of nutrition for the days of motherhood ahead.

My indoor plants are looking great, and when I feel it's safe, they'll move to the greenhouse, complete with several mousetraps to keep hungry mole mouths from feasting on them. 

Annie's coming this afternoon.  Foster is thrilled.  

Today marks the long-awaited Friday before Spring Break.  Of course, from what I've heard, Spring Break varies in length for students.  Some have been on break for several days.  

Tomorrow:  the first game of the Final Four.  I've posted a photo which I saw this morning on Twitter.

Jay Bilas is, hands down, my favorite sports commentator.  When Jay talks, I listen because most of the time he's on target with his observations.

So, I was listening a while back when Gonzaga played St. Mary's at the Gaels' home court. It was ESPN Game day and some predictions were made for the No. 1 seeds, of which the ZAGS were rated No. 4 of the No. 1's. 

Also, that day, Jay Bilas told Przemek Karnowski (the ZAGS' gentle giant) that if they made it to the Final Four, he'd grow a beard.

For sure, "Chem" was listening.  Soon after last week's game where the ZAGS earned a spot in the Final Four, the Twitter feed lit up with a Tweet from Chem reminding Jay of his promise.

It's a promise in progress.  Jay has a ways to go to catch up with Chem's beard growth, but he's a man of his word, and that's another reason I like him.

Go, Jay!  Keep letting your hair down, on your chin anyway!  

And, of course, GO, ZAGS! 

Happy Friday. 

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