Saturday, April 01, 2017

A Special Day

Willie was a little over a year old when he made front page above the fold in the regional newspaper.  On this day, as a 40-year-old and a journalism teacher, Willie and his mom "Marianne" would notice a flaw in this photo.

First question in journalism:  what is your name and how do you spell it?  Someone forgot that while writing the cutline, but we didn't care.  Twas a cute photo, and deserving of front page status. 

Today, Bill and I celebrate 40 years of parenthood, and happily so.  Happy Birthday, Willie.

We are so proud of the man you have become and the difference you make on a daily basis in kids' lives as a teacher, adviser and coach.  

You're our son from Sandpoint, and we couldn't be any prouder.  

And, how appropriate for our son, the basketball aficionado extraordinaire, getting to celebrate his 40th birthday watching the beloved ZAGS play in today's Final Four. 

It's definitely a special day, made more special by Annie, our other reason for being proud parents.  She's home, and she's been taking selfies of Lovestead horses, as we wait for another aspect of parenthood to begin.  

Lily continues to eat and eat and eat, and, who knows, maybe she'll become a parent tomorrow on her 12th birthday. We'll just have to keep waiting and watching.

In the meantime, we've got a game or two to watch this afternoon, as we feast in honor of family birthdays and delight in the supreme enjoyment of being a Gonzaga FAN.  

Which brings me to an article I read yesterday.  If I had Adam Morrison (a Gonzaga All-American) as a student in my English or journalism classes, I'd put a one-word note at the top of the piece of writing he submitted to The Players Tribune:  WOW!!

In journalism, attaining the WOW factor indicates that the audience is in for a phenomenal read.  

Adam attained WOW!! and then some with his first-person narrative about his involvement, since his pre-teen years in the Gonzaga men's basketball culture. 

In so doing, he provided a unique and touching perspective about himself and a wonderful insight into the many positive layers that make Gonzaga basketball so very special to its teams, its staff and its adoring fans.  

If you have not read Adam's story and you plan to watch today's game, where the ZAGS take on the South Carolina Gamecocks at 3:09 p.m. PDT on CBS, I suggest you take a few minutes to do so. 

This magnificent piece of writing provides a poignant and beautiful lead-up to what is surely the most anticipated NCAA men's basketball game ever in Gonzaga history.   

A gentle warning:  if you're a longtime Gonzaga fan like me, grab a few tissues.  You may shed a tear or two as Adam takes you through the deep emotions associated several aspects of our beloved team.  

GO, ZAGS!!  

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