Sunday, April 02, 2017

Spring Super Bowl: Birthdays and Basketball


Sorry I haven't gotten back to your post-game text, Helen, but this morning I'll simply reply with:


Yes, the ZAGS will play tomorrow night for the National Championship!  

On this morning after their exciting victory over South Carolina to earn a spot in the championship,  I think pretty much every ZAGS fan is dealing with a touch of euphoric disbelief mixed with a healthy dose of redemptive pride. 

Yes, as the callous sophisticates of basketball omniscience have maintained, the ZAGS don't play anyone.  Yes, the ZAGS are irrelevant.  And, of course, Mark Few doesn't know how to coach. 

We've heard you loud and clear for years.  

We all got your continued spoil-sport messages, got irritated but never believed them.  

Nor, did the ZAGS. 

As Shakespeare might say, "Chew upon this, you hard hearts who have loved to hate the ZAGS. And, just keep on chewing that dirty sock while the rest of us celebrate the team we have loved and believed in for years. 

Now, with that off my chest, I'll simply say that yesterday was a lovely, lovely day.  

A bunch of us family members gathered here at the Lovestead for food, for fellowship, for a giant birthday party celebrating Kevin, Willie, Bill (today) and Laurie  and for several hours of basketball as well as packages of wonderful stories about fans, players and coaches involved in the Final Four. 

We had a mixed audience during the last game between Oregon and North Carolina, but that was okay.  We could watch the game, knowing that whoever won would be playing our ZAGS on Monday night. 

In the ZAGS Nation, everyone is living the dream and lapping up every moment.  It's definitely a lifetime event to savor, along with some good food and fun times. 

The best part:  it's lasting longer than ever before this year, and even if Spring is coming to the Northwest, we can do with a little more inside time with the tube to see who gets crowned at the LAST DANCE.  


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