Monday, April 03, 2017

Traveling Treasures, Etc.

I love spontaneously happening on to a good story, and that's just what occurred yesterday when I returned pyrex pans (which had contained chicken enchiladas and beef lasagna) to Pack River General Store.  

The staff had prepared the delicious dishes for our Saturday afternoon/evening birthday/basketball bash.  And, we're pretty happy to know that the leftovers should keep us fed for tonight's NCAA men's basketball National Championship.

Anyway, I pulled up to the store and saw two unique vehicles sitting outside.  Later, I met the folks who designed, built and own them.  

What was especially nice about this meeting was that Melissa knew my face because she had served as one of the many wonderful caregivers at Life Care for my mother.

Our conversation eventually led us outdoors where I grabbed my camera and learned about these "rat rods." Note:  I think that's what they called them. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Anyway, the two vehicles, each sporting a specific theme, have been true labors of love for Melissa, her hubby Eric and his dad Dave.  

One honors their grandparents who served in World War II, while the other features a cowboy theme.  

Melissa does the artwork, which her hubby and dad do the building and design.  Eric told me that these unique vehicles are assembled from salvage and other appropriate pieces they can find to fit the theme. 

Note the rifle stock used as a gear shift.  

Everything in the WWII rig comes from 1946, including all those license plates from every state.  On the back, a treasure chest opens up to a family museum, complete with family photos and items the grandfathers carried as soldiers. 

Meanwhile, you'll see wanted posters on the ceiling and interior of the cowboy rod as well as the cowhide with conchos.  

I don't even think I scratched the surface in seeing every neat feature these rigs offer, and I'm feeling confident each is a museum in itself.  

Wonderful seeing and learning about the vehicles and especially nice to meet Dave, Eric and Melissa.  Their friendly willingness to fill me in on the stories involved with their creations truly matched the outstanding workmanship and love that they have put into their impressive works of art.  

Later, the Love family gathered at Laughing Dog Brewery to add to Bill's day-long birthday party.  He and Annie had placed a cache up near Naples prior to our family gathering with Willie and Debbie. 

It's been neat to follow the stages of Laughing Dog, which was established a few years back by one of my former students Fred Colby and his wife.  Our visit followed a really busy Saturday where Laughing Dog held its grand opening for its new facility just off HWY 95.  

Things were hopping when we showed up yesterday too, but Fred took time to come over and take our family photo and to pose with his teacher.    We enjoyed the visit and, of course, the brews.  

So, today marks the last day for several months that I'll be obnoxiously proclaiming, "GO, ZAGS."  Hope I haven't been TOO obnoxious.

It's an amazing day, thinking about how far they've come over the years, how much their talents and their story have meant to their fans and how cool it would be if they could take it all tonight. 

Actually, we've reached a stage where it's beyond wrapping one's arms around all that is ZAG.  A phenomenon, for sure, in so many, many ways and for so many adoring fans. 

However it turns out tonight, we say, "Thank you, ZAGS, for another overflowing bag of phenomenal memories."  

GO, ZAGS!  6:20 p.m. PDT on CBS.   

One grandfather was a boxer. 

Fred Colby, owner of Laughing Dog  Brewery and a former student and friend. 


Word Tosser said...

I know your mother has been doing the happy dance for weeks now.. but tonight, it will be prayers and then happy dancing.. as I know she is pulling for them.. heck she is the reason how I got even remotely interested in the Zags. lol.. and of course my daughter's household will be like yours.. and was on this past weekend... loud and proud.. and holding their breathe at the last 2.2... lol GO ZAGS.

Missa Rouse said...

Hi Marianne! It's Melissa.... I finally found your blog. Thank you so much for that thoughtful write-up! Your pictures are beautiful. I'm glad you got a kick out of our Rat Rods. We enjoy sharing our unique creations with others. Hope to see you around again!