Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Appreciation and Journalism Stars

Another ZAGS season has ended.  We'll put away the beads, the hats, the pompons, the shirts and all the memorabilia.  

We'll turn our focus outside into the spring weather----later than ever this year, thanks to a phenomenal season, ending on the last possible day that any NCAA season can last. 

We'll start working off the calories we consumed, including all the extras during those extended ZAGS feasts. 

Come November, we'll start it all over again, tacking up the team posters and pulling out the game day "uniforms," planning the menus and venues for each game, screaming out "YES!!!" in perfect unison along with a occasional "expletive-deleteds." 

The ZAGS came up short on the scoreboard in last night's hard-fought National Championship, but to their devoted fans, they are winners. 

For now and on virtually any day between now and next season, we'll occasionally think about the ZAGS and Mark Few and his phenomenal staff and the university where so many good things happen besides just basketball. 

We'll think of the fine examples set by coaches, staff and the players in their lives outside of basketball.  All good thoughts.

And, those thoughts will inspire us because what we love about the ZAGS goes far beyond their finesse, talent and determination on the court.  

Those of us who love the ZAGS do so because of the principles they live by and exemplify. We love the infectious, wholesome atmosphere associated with them and their fine university. 

Winning pretty much every day---not just on the court.  

Changing and inspiring lives every day---not just on the court.

Creating special ZAG-inspired friendships among people far from the court and whom they'll probably never meet. 

Continually hooking more and more admirers to become members of the worldwide ZAGS community.  

The ZAG culture reflects so much about the decency, respect, discipline and spirit we all long to see in more levels of our society.   

Plus, thinking about their example reinforces many of our own beliefs and principles and inspires us to follow their example in our own lives.  

So we love their basketball for five months out of the year, but we love what they stand for all year long. 

Winners, every day, those ZAGS.   

Thanks, ZAGS. 

See ya next year!

AND, speaking of winners, I'll wrap up with kudos to a couple of Sandpoint High Cedar Posters and their adviser Mr. William E. Love III.  

Two of Willie's staff members are featured on the front page above the fold in today's Daily Bee

They won first and second place in the 2017 Idaho High School Journalist of the Year contest.  

Check out the story: 


This week these ladies will be headed off to Seattle, along with Willie, Debbie and other staff members to attend and compete in the JEA National Convention.

Good luck to all, and congratulations on a fine start to your journalistic week. 

Happy Tuesday. GO, CEDAR POST!

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