Tuesday, May 30, 2017

A Truly WOW Weekend

We could not have asked for a better three-day weekend, and I'm thinking we're hardly alone in that assertion.  The stars lined up, and we experienced a perfect storm, which meant no storm at all----just beautiful weather and enough to go around for everyone.

Only complaint:  the bugs, especially those obnoxious, persistent mosquitoes.  They must be extra blood-thirsty this year because they're everywhere, and they don't even go to bed in the day time or when breezes are blowing or in bright sunlight.

I don't think I've ever seen mosquitoes this bad for this long, and, heck, we didn't even go to the woods.  I'm sure there are war stories from the throngs who spent their weekend camping. 

In our case, the weekend was dotted with an extensive list of highlights, including meals out, scenic drives, the smell of lilacs, cuke planting in the garden, solemn visits to family graves, a continuing array of sights and sounds moving up and down our country road (including Paula and her beautiful Percheron) and meeting and hosting a group of new friends who decided to spend their Memorial Day weekend in Sandpoint.

The connection:  Annie works with Naren at Groundspeak in Seattle.  From that point, the circle of friendship grew and intensified as Bill and I did our best to remember everybody's name while showed them around the Lovestead, encouraging them to make themselves at home, and thilling them with rides on the 4-wheeler. 

Yesterday, several family members topped off the weekend by visiting North 40 and filling our bags with merchandise marked off 15 percent.  I settled for a comfy new pair of Merrell walking shoes and a sleeveless Western blouse.

Turned out that a few hours later, my sister Barbara purchased the same blouse.  Like minds, for sure.  

My goal this summer is to avoid the "truck driver" arm, so I told Bill I'd wear the sleeveless blouse and some shorts off and on over the next few days whenever nobody's around to see my white flab.  

As noted years ago in one of my books, tanned flab looks a whole lot better than pasty white flab.

Last night, my sisters, brother Kevin, hubby Bill and I enjoyed a barbecue at Colburn. Much of the conversation dealt with Barbara and Laurie's upcoming retirement and how they can join the rest of us by shopping at Costco, especially on "sample day."  

Finally my brother commented that we siblings are probably even more excited about their retirement than our sisters are-----and they're pretty darned stoked, to say the least. 

Barbara and Laurie have nine official days of teaching left, and then they'll be free for the rest of their lives to plot whatever courses they choose, and, that, of course, includes a considerable amount of horsing around. 

Lovely vignettes of numerous uplifting and fun events during this past three days are gonna swirl around in my mind for a long, long time.  Twas one of the best holiday weekends ever.

Now, I'm hoping the mosquitoes will take an extended holiday weekend of their own and leave town. 

Happy Tuesday. 

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