Wednesday, May 31, 2017

One Step at a Time

By the time the season opener for "America's Got Talent" began last night, my Fitbit told me I'd gone almost 30,000 steps for the day.  

That's what my Fitbit said, but, in all honesty, I need to clarify.  Lily walked about 4,000 of those steps with me sitting on her back, which made it a lot easier for me.

Maybe I need to get a Fitbit for the horses to see how much walking they do while grazing every day.  And, then, to think of what Liam must chalk up as he chases his ball.  I'll bet he could outdo me hands down.

Anyway, it was a day highlighted by recreation for me.  First ride of the year on Lily, and she behaved wonderfully as we moved up and down South Center Valley Road. 

Of course, we had to keep moving because the ravenous mosquitoes were relentless, as they are this morning.

My husband is usually pretty tough when it comes to fending off mosquitoes----quite the opposite of me---but even he has been complaining for the past several days, especially every time he sets foot in the woods.  Bill is usually back at the house within minutes cuz they drive him out. 

The dogs could tell you the same, and I can tell you that I turned around from my morning walk today when I looked down to see a swarm of mosquitoes following along with every step I took. 

This was just after I had passed by the bee hives in Taylor's field, which seemed to be completely silent this morning. 

Yesterday when I rode Lily past the hives, I decided to move to the opposite side of the road on my way back.  

There was some aggressive buzzing going on at those hives.  Even though I know the honey bees do not go on the attack, I thought it wise to keep our distance. 

Later, in the early afternoon, I was removing some weeds at a planter in our north lawn. Suddenly I heard something that sounded like a jet engine off in the distance.  The sound gradually intensified. 

I looked to the sky, to see nothing, and nothing was coming down the road.  The sound soon turned to a significant roar. 

My next thought was that maybe I had disturbed a hive buried in the planter, so I stepped back, only to hear the sound get louder and louder.  Twas just like those scenes in the weird movies where some unknown, mysterious force suddenly arrives upon the scene.

As I kept backing away, the sound continued to get louder, still with no visual hints of what the heck it was.  

Twas a bit spooky, but then I could hear that it was beginning to fade and that the force had definitely headed north.

My only conclusion this morning---especially after observing the silent hives---is that the bees down the road may have escaped, looking for greener pastures. 

As Bill suggested, I'll call the beekeeper and let him know of the possibility. 

The experience was a first ever for me, definitely suggesting a twilight zone-type moment. 

A few minutes later, with the heat coming on and most work completed, I suggested to Bill that we go for a drive.  Oddly enough, he suggested the same place I'd been thinking about for the past couple of weeks:  Trail Creek Road near Naples.  We hiked there about this time last spring. 

We took Kiwi and a good supply of mosquito repellant.  Twas a hot hike, which started from the gated road near the horse corrals, almost completely a gradual uphill grade going and and the opposite coming down.  Fortunately, my Cutter spray kept the mosquitoes away. 

My steps going up the hills kept me checking the Fitbit for my heart rate.  Just like our visit there last year, my heart rate increased on the uphill stretched.  

Downhill, the heart settled down, but the toes screamed for relief.  My hiking shoes are snug and very effective, but that snugness gets a little intense with downhill steps. 

So, after four miles or so, when we arrived back at the truck, those open-air and roomy Crocs sitting in the seat were a welcome sight. 

We were both pretty spent with the continued evening heat and humidity but not enough to miss some full, thigh-slapping enjoyment during this year's very first act on "America's Got Talent."  

Jokgu, the chicken, played "America the Beautiful" on the keyboard.  

When she didn't miss a beat or a note, the four judges unanimously sent her on to the next level.  Her owners said she has a friend that plays the drums, so maybe we'll be seeing a chicken ensemble in upcoming shows.

Great comic relief in the midst of all the other disgusting events that continue to happen in this country.  

Heck, I think Jokgu might even win an election some day; it wouldn't be any stranger than what we're seeing right now.   

Maybe her slogan could and should be "Make America Beautiful" again. 

On that note, Happy Wednesday.  Gotta go call a beekeeper. 


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