Thursday, June 01, 2017

Preserving Those Fleeting Moments

Twas the ultimate in lawn mowing days.  Dandelions have almost run their course.  The ground and the grass were dry.  

That meant sittin' back and cruisin' along on my wonderful zero turn Husqvarna yesterday, fully enjoying the beauty those blades created as they manicured the grass.

I told Bill last night that this will probably be the prettiest lawn-mowing result for the whole season. 

After all, we've been enduring the dirtiness of pine pollen aplenty, and cottonwood storms can't be far behind.  

Unlike the abundant supply of pine pollen, which, over the past several days has left its ongoing yellow film on water tanks, lakes, cars, shoes and even on our Border Collies white paws, we can always count on the cottonwood fuzz to hang around long enough to render every grass mowing episode almost useless.  

So, last night's true ecstasy of admiring a newly mowed, dark green lawn with no wet globs of grass put me in a state of satisfied bliss. Whenever the lawn is SO pretty, the flower beds are downright spectacular with their generous show of color and fragrance. 

This welcome display of spring at its very best does not last long, so, if we can avoid being eaten alive by an equal abundance of mosquitoes, we must enjoy every moment and every magical image. 

Amidst all that beauty, I came home last evening from a drive to town to find Bill braving mosquitoes for the evening Chuck-it session with the dogs.  As usual, athletic and competitive Liam was putting on a spectacular show of his own. 

During Chuck-It, Kiwi and Foster are usually satisfied to guard their own balls and kinda play along as Liam watches Bill's every move, leaping into action the very second that ball sails into the air. 

Liam seldom fumbles.

Beautiful Border Collies Plus One Beautiful Mini Aussie enjoying their fun on a newly manicured yard certainly provided a fitting way to top of a successful day of primping up the Lovestead.

Mighty pretty right now.  Lovin' the mesmerizing splendor of spring on this first day of June. 

Happy Thursday. 

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