Friday, June 02, 2017

Thanks, Pope Francis, I Needed That This Morning

46 minutes ago

Through the darkness of today's conflicts, every one of us can become a bright candle, a reminder that light will overcome darkness.

I don't know if it was the itchy mosquito bites up and down my arms or if it was the reverberation of the selfish rhetoric---allegedly representing our great country---that I heard yesterday as a justification for pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord.  

I do know for sure that I did not sleep well last night. 

Those mosquitoes are relentless and their bites are filled with nasty venom.  Eventually, the mosquitoes will go away, and so will the itchy spots where they've enjoyed their meals on my body. 

The other situation:  not so hopeful. 

Millions of people in this country apparently bought the magic potion from the scam artist and voted for Donald Trump as our 45th president.

I did not. 

I would not today, nor would I ever consider voting for this person.

And, it has nothing to do with Republican, Democrat, Liberal or Conservative or any other name loosely attributed to those who disagree on national issues. 

It has everything to do with basic human decency.  

It also has to do the daily assault and disregard through his "leadership" on basic principles and values that many of us have followed throughout our lives. 

Since he has taken office, hardly a day has gone by when I have not wondered, "Why?"

What did those voters see in this hateful, lying, phony, mean, greedy, bigoted bully so consumed with his own fragile ego that he seemingly owes no allegiance to anyone other than those who pander to and/or insulate him from the reality of the world around him?

I have tried to put myself in their shoes in an attempt to understand their reasoning, but still no epiphanies other than the possibility that they mistake him as a "strong, plain-spoken leader who tells it like it is."

Well, in my mind, America has not been the "laughingstock of the world," as he suggested in yesterday's speech. Sadly, that may soon happen. 

America HAS BEEN and IS GREAT, thanks to a long history of millions of everyday, ordinary, devoted people in this nation responsible for maintaining its greatness one day at a time, one deed at a time, one step at a time.

In my mind, yesterday's announcement about the Paris Climate Accord, presented to the world from a carefully controlled and sycophantic atmosphere, had less to do with the issue of climate change and much more to do with punctuating the litany of negative messages we've seen and heard each day regarding numerous issues for the past several months. 

Destroy. Destroy. Destroy----all in the name of the almighty dollar----dollars we've allegedly been losing to other nations all these years because of our dumb leadership, misguided respect and our historic humanitarian approach toward the world around us.

What an insult to all past great leaders of this country---Republican and Democrat! What an insult to the general principles and values which have guided and kept us on course as a great nation!

To whom much is given, much is expected.  I always thought that made a lot of sense. 

Apparently, not true in the AGE of TRUMP.  

Yes, my sleeplessness last night probably did have a lot more to do with what I heard yesterday than with those irritating bug bites on my arms.

That speech was disturbing.  It was depressing to me and to millions of others throughout this country and the world.

Through the darkness of today's conflicts, every one of us can become a bright candle, a reminder that light will overcome darkness.

Pope Francis said it right, and Pope Francis reminds us that we can rise above what disturbs us most. 

Complaining and pointing fingers go only so far in rectifying bad situations. Those reactions do provide temporary relief for us personally, yes, but certainly never prevail as effective strategies for improving any situation. 

I've found that to be true quite often with my mechanical breakdowns here at the Lovestead.  I can yell, scream, pound, cuss----all that stuff, but the lawnmower is not gonna run unless I take a positive approach to fixing the situation.

We can gradually fix our national situation by heeding the gentle reminder that Pope Francis left us in the Twitter world this morning.  

We can increase our efforts to direct our energy into positive situations where, by acting as good examples, we can all maintain the greatness of this country.  

Now, more than ever we must strive to be bright candles which overcome the darkness.

America is and has been much better than Trump and his circle of cronies like to suggest.

With that, I'm gonna go get some itch lotion.

Happy Friday. 


Merry Brown-Hayes said...

Thank you so much! What a wonderful perspective. Your writing has always been an inspiration and today, I take great comfort in your thoughtful words. You were a 'favorite teacher' to both Pat and Pete oh so many years ago. And they were right! You ARE a 'GEM".

Helen said...

Perhaps the itching is exacerbated by yesterday's message and the messenger. Hopefully the Pope will wake up Catholics and non-Catholics alike to what is happening, to who this man really is, to what he stands for (money) and to where he is taking this country.

Maureen Tillberg said...

Marianne, I couldn't agree with you more! Your article articulates what a lot of us have been thinking for a long time. The political situation with this current President has been so depressing in recent months. Hopefully, there will be a expeditious end to this insanity. Hang in there! Happy Friday. 🙂

Luke G. Mayville said...

Thank you, Mrs. Love!!

fortboise said...

Some good news -- mosquitoes don't actually have venom, just an anticoagulant protein. It does annoy. And there is no "psycho" in sycophancy (although Trump's entourage could make you wonder).

Take heart; in the long run, Trump is no more consequential than bug bites.

Anonymous said...

I read recently that Vicks Vaporub will deter mosquitoes = just dab it here and there on your skin or clothing. Also that it will deter the itching if dabbed on the bite. You could try it and let me know if it works:) Oh yes, and thanks for your message. Well said. Janet

MLove said...

Thanks, FortBoise, for noting the spelling error. The word has been corrected.

Bonnie Eng said...

Beautifully stated! Thanks Marianne.

Big Piney Woods Cats said...

You said what I have been thinking..........well done, thank you.


Beautifully written, and so very true. His presents as our leader has sadden me daily, his actions are so very reckless, and immoral, this last action can only be that ,he is doing everything he can to make the world around us slated in hate.
Only a madman could do this horrible thing.

This person will never ever be my president, and I am so ashamed that he was chosen to be a leader of the free world .

A narcissistic bully. So very sad.