Saturday, June 03, 2017

Saturday Slight

In my mind, the photo above represents quintessential summer in North Idaho.  It evokes nostalgia of my youthful days spent hanging out with my brothers on and around another bridge over Sand Creek.

This bridge happens to cross Pack River on Colburn-Culver Road, the same one we locals used to know as the Farm-to-Market Road. Abundant and lush green growth along the shoreline and a blue sky with billowy clouds----that's summer here in the Panhandle. 

I like the simplicity of the scene.  It's nothing all that special but still, it is because the scene provides the message that the ultimate season of outdoor enjoyment is here in full force. 

Far off from North Idaho in Asia, yesterday was a special day for a special lady whom we all consider family.  Swiss Miss turned 20 and graduated from high school in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia, the same day. 

For anyone wondering about her being 20 and just graduating from high school, her travels, including her semester in Sandpoint, were extras, not included in the requirements.  She followed a rigorous academic schedule at her school, and I'm guessing she graduated with a very impressive record.

Anyway, we are all very proud of her and wish her well as she returns to Switzerland to continue her post secondary education.  Yay, Swiss Miss!

Love the collage your folks posted on Facebook yesterday, especially the one on the bottom row.  GO, ZAHHHGGZ!

In other good news this morning, Festus, the diabetic cat, is getting better all the time. When I took him for a glucose test yesterday, the doctor told me to cut back to the bare minimum on the insulin shots and even mentioned that sometimes cats can reverse their diabetes.  

We're hoping for the best on that possibility.  In the meantime, Festus is quite trim and full of vim, vigor and vitality as he walks all around the Lovestead.

Only problem is that Liam thinks he needs to snip a bite from Festus' tail, but Liam is slowly learning through reprimands that it's not really a good idea.  

In short, on this Saturday morning, beauty is at its best as is the weather.  So, we're looking forward to enjoying the day.  Hope you do too. 

Happy Saturday. 

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Big Piney Woods Cats said...

I still call it Farm to Market