Sunday, May 07, 2017

Fun and Funky Derby

And to that beloved, inspiring and much-missed horse lover born in 1921, we thought of you AND BEHAVED OURSELVES!

Twasn't exactly sell-out, but it turned out well. 

Derby Day festivities at the Lovestead included the eats, the displays, the hats, the horsey decorations and the party favors, good visiting while watching a host of great stories about beautiful Thoroughbred horses and the people who love them and their sport.

We all agreed that NBC did a great job of keeping the compelling story lines a coming, while we did a pretty fair job of munching on meatballs, oreos, veggies, M and M's , etc.  

No full-blown, liquor-loaded juleps at this party, but we sampled the butter mints, and that was good enough.

Barbara's colorful theme-oriented tenny runners won the foot-gear prize, while we agreed on a photo finish for the hat competition.

In fact, that's precisely what we did to finish off the afternoon----show off our head gear for the camera with the beautious, bloomin' plum tree and the barnyard fence serving as backdrops. 

Twas kind of a rainy, cool day, so our funky, informal party of jeans and fancy hats made for a festive, fun and laid-back afternoon of  enjoying the grit, sweat, tears and dreams that lead up to the Best Two minutes in Sports.  

This year, it was pretty easy to spot the winner---the only horse not covered in mud. 

Good luck, Always Dreaming.  Maybe that Triple Crown awaits you. 

Happy Sunday to all. 

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