Monday, May 08, 2017

May Loveliness and History Hits the Ground

Such a wonderful day yesterday.  Yes, it did rain, but the afternoon and evening turned into exactly the situation we have all been waiting to experience.  

Trees filled with blossoms or brand new fresh leaves, beautiful green grass everywhere, dirt dry enough to til and much more made for a great day from start to finish. 

My morning involved spending a couple of hours with my neighbor Terra who is taking Lefty in 4-H.  What a wonderful experience to be back teaching again and working with a young lady who takes it all in and then puts the knowledge to use.

After grooming a very dirty Lefty, Terra saddled him up by herself.  Since Lefty was a bit on the fussy side, we both agreed that I should bridle him.  Then, it was off to the round pen for her second riding experience on Lefty.  

What a dramatic change from the first time!  Terra kept Lefty pretty much on the course that she had chosen.  I eventually stepped outside the ring, so he wouldn't have that constant urge to go see Mom. 

After a while in the round pen, the riding experience moved to the lane, then out the driveway and up and down the road.  Lefty was a bit frisky at times so I walked beside him while Terra steered with her leg muscles and her quiet commands. 

Working with Terra brought back many good memories of the times in school where seeing progress with students was always so satisfying and exciting. 

Anyway, twas a great session with a really nice young lady, and I think Lefty enjoyed himself as much as Terra. 

Later, while Bill installed new electric fence around the barnyard for the fence eaters, I tilled the garden and planted a few more seeds. 

When he took off to fish at Trout Creek, I took a quick drive with my camera.  Later, after dinner while going for an evening walk, I heard some sawing next door.   

They're probably sawing down those trees in Meserve's front yard, I thought.  So, I scampered a little faster, hoping to catch the action.

Sure enough, it was Guy with his buzz saw and totally unaware of my presence as he put the final cuts in the first of two trees standing side by side.  With all the storms that blow through this area, the trees were probably at the hazardous point, situated so close to the house.

They had been limbed last fall in readiment for last night's sawing operation. 

When the first tree hit the ground, I hollered at Guy and announced that I'd gotten some pictures.  

"There's some history there," I suggested.  

"Yes," Guy said, sharing a memory of when the trees were young and a robin had formed its nest between them.  That was definitely a few years back. 

While he started his preliminary sawing on tree No. 2, I walked on down the road where the sun was creating lovely shadows across the fields and a stunning radiance with clumps of trees. 

I arrived back in front of the Meserve's in time to see that Guy had removed a wedge of wood from the second tree.  Standing with my camera lens ready to catch the moment the tree fell to the ground, I fought off a host of hungry spring bugs.

Then, the tree fell, hitting the ground with a loud boom. 

Guy was pretty happy that both trees landed exactly where he had pinpointed before the sawing operation----on the ground and in spots where nothing was hurt or destroyed. 

It was a bittersweet moment, I'm sure for the sawyer next door as he completed a project that needed to be done but also thought about all the memories those trees had provided over the years for himself and his family. 

Today has started out well with sunshine and lots of singing birds.  Gonna be a fun day as the spring projects continue in the midst of all this beauty. 

Happy Monday. 

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