Friday, May 26, 2017

Work Is Done; Ah, Some Sun

We've reached that elusive moment for 2017:  urgent work completed, Lovestead looking lovely, sun shining, birds singing happy sounds and holiday weekend ahead. 

This morning has been beyond glorious, and, at this point, we're thinking and hoping our Memorial Day weekend should be filled with a lot more fun that work. 

Most of the garden is planted.  I'm still holding off on the cukes.  Almost every flower planted here at the Lovestead from seed has moved to its summer home.  

A few geraniums and pansies still remain in their potted birthplaces, waiting for me to make decisions about their permanent homes. 

Lilacs are blooming.  Dozens of white irises have burst out in their glory all over the yard.  
Most tall grass along edges around the yard has been whacked, and the lawn had its first total mowing yesterday.  

What a relief to finally reach this stage where the next several weeks should be routine maintenance rather than all the clean-up, fix-up, and challenges that come after a winter like we've had this past year. 

It's a good day in the neighborhood, and we're looking forward to enjoying the long-awaited bounties that go with it.  

We may be spending time with some visitors from Seattle who have never been to Sandpoint.  

I have a feeling that they might just get lured in by this weather, much like many folks have before them. 

Since we have a fairly open schedule over the next few days, maybe Bill and I will take some time to go to town and practice driving up and down the newly opened two-way routes on Fifth Avenue and Pine Street. 

If we go around the block enough times, we might just get the gist of the new-old routes. Of course, we oldsters here in Sandpoint drove around those blocks both directions all the time many years ago. 

Then, someone came up with the notion that we had to have a few one-way streets. That happened almost at the same time that someone else thought we needed two digits to our phone numbers.  

That was a lot of adjusting for us locals.  Nonetheless, we've lived through the telephone number changes, and many of us even have managed to memorize a second number with our cell phones.

We also survived the one-way street changes from many years back. I'm thinking that if we take some time this weekend to go downtown and practice driving the two-way turned one-way, turned two-way streets, it might just feel like old times in Sandpoint. 

Whatever the case, it's a pretty day, and I'm not gonna waste it.  Enjoy the photos.

Happy Friday. 

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