Saturday, May 27, 2017

Yummy Broads and Other Stuff

"You smell yummy."  

"You're one of my favorite broads." 

I heard those comments last night, and both came from women. 

Hmmm!  What's an old gal to think????

"Nobody has ever told me I smelled 'yummy,' " I responded after hearing the first compliment.  "Gotta put that in my blog!"

Of course, one needs to document such stunning and unusual words of praise. They don't come often. 

Later, when our favorite server at Mick Duffs, told me I was a good "broad," I figured that news had better go in today's blog post also.  She even bought me a beer.  Thank you, ma'am.  Much appreciated. 

It turned out to be great dining experience (loved that salad special!) with my hubby Bill, topped off with those two spontaneous compliments----not a bad night on the town!

Bill and I did a solo run for Friday night dinner last night cuz all others who usually joins us on Friday's were off doing other stuff, including competing at a horse show and visiting relatives.  

So, I guess, as I often see noted on Facebook, my hubby and I must have had a "date night." It was truly fun at Mick Duffs, especially seeing my "yummy" friend and her wonderful family. Moments later, I spotted our former school superintendent with his family. 

Turns out he's moving back to Sandpoint cuz he's retiring from his position in Western Washington.

After my usual visiting, I sat down for a moment and then noticed Angela, a longtime friend and neighbor sitting at a booth directly across from us. 

Twas fun seeing so many familiar faces and catching up on news at each table. 

Speaking of "yummy," my morning lattes are once again yummy.  The recipe includes a baggy of Nestle's hot chocolate mix, which includes about 19 mini marshmallows, a spoon of mocha latte mix and coffee.  

After years of wishing for more than 19 marshmallows, I discovered that I could enhance my frothy delight.  A few grocery stores actually sell those marshmallow "bits," as they're called. 

That meant from that discovery forth I could pour perhaps 75 or 80 marshmallows into my latte and then let them melt just right in the microwave.

This all went well for a couple of years until recently I ran out of my supply and could not find any more in the stores. 

Soon, a lightbulb went off:!  They sell groceries!

Sure enough, I looked up the product, and sure enough they had it.  So, I bought 12 jars.

Now, I'm betting that I might be the only person in the world who have ever ordered 12 jars of Jet-Puffed Mallow Bits, but who know, maybe this latte idea will go viral.

It is mighty tasty, especially with the extra marshmallow froth. 

Heck, it even smells "yummy," just like me! 

In other news, the morning is lovely once again, as was my walk, 'cept for one little problem.  

A lot of those bird houses on Taylor's fence are occupied, and I'm thinking lots of baby swallows have come on the scene.  

I'm thinking that because a swallow mommy and daddy tried to dive bomb me this morning while I was trying to get a picture. 

After two or three attempted aerial assaults where the birds came within a foot of my head and gave me a warning chirp, I decided to move on. The swallow on down the road did not seem to mind my picture taking. 

We think we're going to be meeting the Seattle folks sometime today, and at least one has been dreaming of taking the 4-wheeler for a spin.  

Looks like a great day for whatever comes down the pike, and before company comes, I'd better go see what I can do to reinvent my "yummy broad" persona for them. 

Happy Saturday. 

Virginia creeper.  I obtained a start for this a couple of years ago with the warning that you can't kill it, and it creeps a long way.  Well, the deer nibbled on it last year, but so far this year it's looking pretty healthy as it creeps up the barn. 

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