Friday, June 30, 2017

At Home in Connemara

Wind has been blowing rather vigorously since we arrived at our home in County Galway called Seal Cove late yesterday afternoon.  We are living for the next three days about three miles from Clifden, a lovely Irish town in Connemarra.  

The first transatlantic flight in history ended here when a plane from Newfoundland landed just up the road from our temporary home. It's also the spot where Marconi chose as the most effective site for testing wireless (telegraph) communications system in 1907.

Ironically, first thing this morning our 2017 version of wireless communication did not work. Fortunately, troubleshooting guidelines suggested unplugging the modem for two minutes.  Twas like magic when I plugged it in again, and we were once again in touch with the outside world.

It would be okay to be disconnected---for a while anyway, but then I could not share the beauty we have encountered each day on this lovely journey through Ireland.  

Most of yesterday was spent driving, except for a brief visit with a friend I met here on my first visit in 2012.  Cass Foley runs Coolcorcoran Stables in Killarney.  Last time we were here, my daughter-in-law Debbie and I visited the stables and had a great time with Cass and her clients.

At the time a Ukranian dressage instructor was there, giving lessons at a clinic.  Of course, on that visit I took lots of photos, including one of Cass and her mount Rodney, an all-around versatile horse.  The picture turned out so well that I entered it in the Bonner County Fair where it won a blue ribbon.

Yesterday was very special because I was able to give Cass the photo, complete with its blue ribbon and fair entry tag.  We also got to meet Cass's husband Jerome, a retired Irish police officer and lifelong committed runner.  Jerome competes in 400 and 800 meter sprints and does quite well.

When Bill heard of Jerome's running interests, he mentioned a pair of Irish brothers who lived in his dorm at McNeese State Univesity.  One represented Ireland in the Olympics. Yes, Jerome knew of them, so we had another one of those "small world" experiences. 

Cass knew I was coming to Ireland to celebrate my birthday, so she handed over a gift.  It was a horse shoe. I wondered if it happened to be a Connemarra horse shoe, which sell in gift shops.  

"No, it's chocolate," Cass told me. Whoever the chocolatier happens to be, they are highly skilled at making their product look very realistic. Hoping I can keep the horse shoe intact for the trip home.

Anyway, we're here and happy.  Looking like a good day to get acquainted with the area. Once again, our neighborhood has rural charm, along with the lovely view of the ocean. We may even be lucky enough to see a seal or two during our stay.

Enjoy the photos of the house and the neighborhood, and, as long as our wi-fi works in this spot where it had its beginnings, the photos will continue to come.

Happy Friday.  

Pretty barbed wire.

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