Friday, June 30, 2017

Clifden Revisited and Walking with Sheep through History

While Annie went on a hike with Irish geocaching friends near Westport, Bill and I took a taxi to downtown Clifden where we spent several hours, enjoying the sights and even visiting some favorite stores with which we had become acquainted on our trip here in 2014.

Bill first stop was Stanleys Clothing store, while I made sure to stop in and visit the staff at Des Moran's Butcher Shop.  I met Des and his then apprentice Sean three years ago and posted their photo on the blog. 

This time Lawrence had joined the group.  So, we had a good chat, and they were happy to pose with a cut of meat for a few photos.  Des quipped that he had surely expected the 2014 photo to show up in the New York Times.  Hated to disappoint him.

Bill and I also went to the money store for a few more Euros and enjoyed a nice treat at Cullens Bistro and Coffee Shop where we met the Mary's.  

Mary Anne and Mary Theresa were both quite charming, and I must say that Mary Anne, who's been in the family business of 40 years, puts out a delightful piece of lemon/raspberry drizzle cake.

When I get home and pick my raspberries, that will be one of the first desserts on the list.

I also spent a few minutes talking with Brian Kelly, who had his canine friend Cocoa with him as he sipped on coffee in the town square.  Brian comes from Sligo where he's a retired electrical engineer.  A delightful man, and Cocoa was quite charming too.

When our visit to one of our favorite Irish towns came to an end, Bill and I again hailed a taxi and returned to our temporary home three miles from Clifden.  

Later, we visited the expansive area less than half a mile down the road where two major historical events occurred:  the development of Marconi's wireless (telegraph) system and the not-so-perfect but successful landing of the "aeroplane" which completed the first TransAtlantic flight.

All this history means little to the hundreds of mama and baby sheep grazing throughout. Some do kinda situate themselves as sentries near many of the impressive interpretive displays.  

We enjoyed every minute of our walk through that historic area, including a quick visit with a couple who were collecting their peat for winter fuel.  It's their pile every year, so they come and load up with no fears that someone else will take it. 

With weather about as perfect as it can get, yesterday turned out to be another busy, productive, fun and educational day here in Connemara.  

Special Note:  Because of tight driving and flying schedules over the next few days, my access and time for using the Internet could be severely limited. 

So, blog postings might be hit and miss and abbreviated.  If so, here's wishing a Happy Fourth of July Weekend to everyone back home.

Mary (Anne) serves some great dishes at Cullen's Bistro and Coffee Shop in Clifden.

Twas nice chatting with Brian at the Clifden town square yesterday.

Sean, Des and Lawrence, the local butchers in Clifden.

Lawrence mixing up the sausage at Des Moran's butcher shop in Clifden.

The road just in front of our temporary home seems to be a popular place for the "turists" to stop and take pictures.  This lady was visiting from France.

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