Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Evening in Selle

We've been back home nearly a week, and life is getting back to a bit of a norm, if there is such a thing.  

Part of "normal" for me on a summer night includes a drive, ride or walk around the Selle countryside, with my camera, of course.

Hay harvest has been good for the farmers this year.  In fact, Harvey told us he'll be around sometime this week to cut our little patch.  Last year, the harvest occurred in mid-August.

So, I'm sure the farmers responsible for putting up their own crops and everyone else's are feeling pretty good as haying season is actually winding down. 

Haying is hard and often dirty work for all involved, but it can also be a beautiful sight as Randy Poelstra's round bales neatly lined up in green grass illustrated last evening. 

Lots of other pretty sights in the fields and with the posies and pups here at home, where we missed our 11th year celebration of living out here in Selle.  That was July 1, and we were trying to stay dry on one of the Aran Islands off the coast of Ireland.

So, I guess today I'll raise a glass in honor of the wonderful years of our lives spent out here in this little piece of Heaven.  It's been a good run, and, yes, we're still pinching ourselves about our good fortune of getting to live in Selle. 

Happy Tuesday. 

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