Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Loving the Summer Daze

Swimmers had left the popular Pack River swimming hole on Colburn-Culver Road by the time the dogs and I happened by. 

It was a bit odd to see the place empty at 6:15 p.m., but it could be that several days of hot weather ahead means plenty more opportunities to take a dip.

This spot is a very pretty sight, with or without its summer busYness. 

Alpacas and hay bales extend for about half a mile along Rapid Lightning Creek Road.  

We have a "wolf crossing" warning sign at the beginning of our Lovestead driveway.  Apparently, the wolves OR their spirits stay on the trail at this place up in Gold Creek. 

I'm thinking this must be my friend Janice's horse, which was happily grazing near an older home east of Western Pleasure Guest Ranch.  Pretty spots. 

Just pretty flowers at Upper Gold Creek

Young buck at Gold Creek

It's spirea time.  Pink blossoms are adding some color to the summer dry scene. 

Terra and Lefty, learning the fine points of showmanship.  They have about ten days of practice before the 4-H horse show, and they're coming along nicely. 

I went to town yesterday to pick up some more sunflower seeds in hopes the finches would keep showing up at the feeder.  So beautiful this time of year. 

Morning glories on a glorious morning. 

Oregano blossoms are starting to pop out.  I love planting oregano around the place because the blossoms add some color in late summer, and they last for a long time. 

Neighbors out for an early morning walk down South Center Valley Road.  

We've had some very lovely summer days for enjoying the abundance of seasonal beauty. 

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Bay Views said...

Rapid Lightning Creek road is also the best mushroom country I've ever seen.