Friday, July 28, 2017

Huckleberry Heaven and Good News

Yesterday was definitely a "good news" day.  Had a very nice visit on the deck with my brother Kevin. 

Then, a very nice young man named Mike, who works for Harvey Lippert, stacked all of our hay neatly in the barn. 

We also learned some really great news from my older brother Mike.  

Bill, Kiwi and I took a quick afternoon trip to Rapid Lightning Creek in search of huckleberries.  We did not have to search long.  It appears that this is a banner year for Idaho's state fruit.  

We found our patch just off the road in the midst of glorious beauty and, happily in the shade.  Within an hour or so, we had picked 3/4 gallon.  

Had to leave and get home cuz the Schwan's man was coming, but we figure that we can take other similar trips and get all the hucks we need for the winter. 

While washing my berries and listening to the news,  I wondered if the bar could get any lower Washington, D.C. with the daily soap opera some folks still view as our government.  
Pretty dismal and disgusting, to say the least. 

This morning, however, I'm feeling a glimmer of hope and a great deal of admiration for a hero and two heroines in our midst.  

These Senators displayed the courage, conviction and care late into the night to vote down a confusing piece of legislation which was bound to lead toward ill-fated consequences for millions of Americans, trying to stay afloat and still afford their health care. 

Yay, Senators John McCain, Lisa Murkowski and Olivia Snow who take the high road and refuse to cave to threats, intimidation or to insane leadership.  

Maybe after this legislative debacle and last night's final vote, a few elected officials will get their minds back, along with their common sense and start doing their job for the American people.

It's a good news morning in another way, as I'm getting together with some beloved students from the Sandpoint High Class of 1987.  I always credit these wonderful people with saving my sanity back in 1984 when our house burned down just before Christmas.

With so much uncertainty in our lives with the aftermath of the fire, I could count on the fact that every morning when I walked into my classroom, I'd be greeted with smiles and lively, fun and inspiring conversation.

Those morning sessions made all the difference at the time.  
These students were high school sophomores at the time with phenomenal futures ahead. Well, they've been living that future very well, indeed, for 30-plus years, and I have a feeling that when I walk into the Hoot Owl Cafe this morning, I'll be greeted with smiles and lively, fun and inspiring conversations. 

Doesn't get any better than that. 

Happy Friday. 

A stump in the shade surrounded by bushes filled with huckleberries is a thing of beauty to an old body. 

Kiwi ate her share of berries. 

Bill sets out with his walking stick and bucket as the berry search begins. 

Beautiful Grouse Mountain

Strawberry Mountain, behind the trees, holds special meaning to Bill and me, as we took a hike up there a couple of years ago.  Twas a challenge, to say the least.

It was a hot day. I had not taken enough water, which meant leg cramps virtually every step of the 4-mile return trip.

We also got a late start, and, thankfully, Bill's head lamps saved us from sure danger/injury as we walked the last mile back to the pickup in darkness.

All that said, I'd love to go back again, with better planning, of course.  It's a beautiful view and a lovely spot on top. 

Way off there in the distant Selkirks, my former student Jeannie was having a great time at Roman Nose Lake. We should have waved at each other. 

I call this the "Triplets Plus One Plus Mom and Dad."  So happy for them as they take the long journey back to Western Samoa for an 80th birthday celebration honoring their grandma and Mom, respectively.

The triplets moved to Idaho when they were still toddlers.  They're now 15, and they've acquired a "sister," so to speak in their close friend Jade.

What a wonderful experience they have ahead.  Safe travels, Laumatias, plus Jade, hello to all the relatives we've met over the years and a very Happy Birthday to the matriarch. 

While I washed huckleberries, Bill cooked up a tasty summer dinner. And, yes, I do like a little salad to go with my dressing!

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Linda Lewis said...

Your huckleberry photo looks like an oil painting. I'm forbidden to go huckleberry picking this year since I slipped on bear grass and hit my head on a log last year which resulted in a BIT of bleeding. Someone better bring me some berries. I love your photos and comments.