Saturday, July 29, 2017

Saturday Slightly Heating Up

Yes, those two folks beside me standing in front of the fabulous Hoot Owl Cafe are every bit as nice as they appear in this photo.  First, thanks to Christina for taking it, and many thanks to Jeannie for buying me breakfast.  And, thanks to Hon for adding to the fun. 

The food was great, as it always is at the Hoot Owl, but the abundant and lively conversation turned out to be everything I anticipated it to be, only much too brief.  We all had our schedules, so we parted company after posing for the photo. 

Jeanne, a psychologist, lives in Austin, Tex., where she has her own counseling service; Hon lives in Portland where he works as an editor/writer for several entities, including Facebook.  

Our breakfast-time gathering was highlighted with catching up since the last time we met at the Hoot Owl ten years ago when both were home for their high school class reunion. 

Yesterday's experience was also sprinkled with some additional visiting and good laughs with several other familiar and friendly faces who had gathered for their Friday morning breakfast. 

Twas a lovely experience, and I'm hoping my mind is still functioning ten years from now so we can do a repeat performance.  

The majority of my day after Hoot Owl fun was dirty and hot as I sat on the mower and circled around my fast-drying and dusty lawn to snip off ragged edges which make it all the uglier.  A dry and dirty lawn still looks much better with a manicure. 

And, with such gritty manicures on these hot, dry days, I'm ready for a good bath when it's all over.  

Most of us are not looking forward to the upcoming weather forecast.  With all empathy toward those living in the 115-degree zones, we're reeling at the thought of some 100-plus temps coming here by mid-week. 

In the meantime, we'll do our best to tolerate the high 90s for the next few days.  One of the best ways to do so is to get outside and enjoy the early morning hours when we actually have to wear a coat. 

This morning has been particularly pleasant, and I snapped a few photos where morning light adds a special accent to the scene. 

Hope you enjoy and that you stay cool.  Happy Saturday.    

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