Friday, July 14, 2017

It's about 4-H, Fun, Friends and Family

Yesterday was definitely a 4-H Thursday.  We actually had two 4-H-related activities, both here at the Lovestead and at the Bonner County Fairgrounds.

The morning session involved farrier John Fuller coming to trim and reset Lefty's shoes.  The experience was a first for Terra, and when John suggested that next time, she could shoe Lefty, her face brightened up and she said with a bit smile, "I'll try." 

We took a break after the shoeing session and then, later in the afternoon, headed to the fairgrounds with Lefty where another 4-H horse club and the Gold n' Grouse group were meeting. 

As the 4-H horse show draws nearer, requirements must be met, including demonstrations. So, a few members provided their fellow members with information on tying horses, checking temperature, pulse and respiration, parts of the hoof and hoof care and how to saddle a horse. 

Then, came the main feature:  practicing showmanship.   Leaders split up and worked with different age groups.  Also in keeping with tradition, pre-4-H'ers found their own ways to enjoy the meeting---some woods activity and, of course, some good dirt time. 

Adults combined visiting with watching as all those cute kids worked their horses and learned how to deal with challenges that come along with showing their animals. 

The 4-H program focuses on learning, but it also offers numerous other dimensions.  Last night's meeting certainly demonstrated the many facets which form the consistent camaraderie that evolves out of this wonderful and valuable youth activity.

Twas a fun and productive day from beginning to end.  

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