Saturday, July 15, 2017

Summer Storming and Sizzling

First thing this morning I saw a colorful lightning flash out the west window.  The early morning sky didn't look too ominous. Twas fairly bright with a few little clouds.  

Later, however, after sitting down to my computer and looking out the east window,  I decided that the stormy stuff had moved over our house and was headed toward Montana.

The dramatic sky in the photo above indicated that maybe we'd missed most of the storm. When I went outside with my camera, however, I could see that more was on the way as a huge cloud mass was floating over Schweitzer. 

We did encounter a few more lightning strikes, and we've had about ten drops of rain. Now, an hour or so later, blue skies and light clouds are headed our away. 

The cool temps and slight breeze, along with potential for rain cut quite a contrast from yesterday's sizzling day of summer sunshine. 

Summer's full-time thrust was very apparent in downtown Sandpoint with folks out on the Sand Creek walkways fishing and others out in the creek enjoying paddle boarding.  

Sidewalks were crowded, and it was apparent that the town was revving up for another big weekend with throngs of folks in vacation mode. 

While walking along the creek and then taking a turn up the hillside, I met up with a former student whose business is seeing to the needs of many visitors seeking out forms of summer recreation. 

Pat Holland and his brother Nate own Action Water Sports ( where patrons can take lessons, attend camps and rent equipment to enjoy Sand Creek and the lake. Their rental inventory includes power and pontoon boats, jet skis, stand-up paddle boards and kayaks. 

The Hollands play on the water in the summer and in the snow during the winter, traveling the world competing in snowboard competitions.  They both U.S. Coastguard certified captains and they're happy to help out customers with wakeboarding, surfing, waterskiing, lake tours and tubing. 

Pat told me that once this summer began, it has been a great one.

As I listen to some more rain outside my window, I'm thinking today maybe see a slow start in the recreation world, but the moisture will certainly help restore some of the dried up grass. 

In North Idaho, it doesn't seem to matter how much rain we get; the ground surface dries out quickly.  So, I'm welcoming this little interlude in full-blown summer, as I'm pretty sure it's short-lived.

Soon enough, Sandpoint and the Hollands will get on with the business of enjoying the lazy, hazy days of summer.   

It's a welcome and pretty time of year with unlimited ways for pretty much everyone to enjoy our vast outdoor beauty. 

Happy Saturday. 


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